Penny stocks to buy today (ROX), (CHK), (LLNW), (SPWH)

Penny stocks are the dangerous investments for the investors. These stocks fall under the pricing of $1 per stock and have a probability to sink with the low liquidity levels. It is hard to find the right stocks but there are people who do intensive research and find out the stocks which could give them good returns.

There is a big list floated for the penny stocks to buy today but it is mandatory to know about these stocks in detail and then decide if it would be wise to purchase them or not. Penny stocks are highly risky and have a volatile nature. It is essential to check out the list and find more about a stock in detail before investing your money in it.

There is a list of some penny stocks to buy today to secure your future with the company and make the investments in the appropriate way. This list is given as per the company’s statistics at the existing time. However, the investors are always warned about making the right moves by investing with their own research on the stocks. Here is the list of most rewarding penny stocks to buy today:

  • Castle Brands (ROX)

This stock has a current price of $0.86 and it is a downtime for the stock over the last year prices. There is a good scope for the stock in the upcoming time and it is expected to grow with its new inventions in the world of alcoholic beverages. The margins are increasing with quantities being sold and the company is expected to continue its sales on the right track.

  • Chesapeake Energy (CHK)

CHK has the down price (nearly 18 percent lower) over the 2018 figures. The company is trying to recover from the oil and gas debts and have picked up its pace with the consistent earnings. The company’s progress is determined towards a better level in the February end. It is in competition with the major companies like Exxon Mobil and has become a classy penny stock involving better risk and high rewards with the business growth. The long-term aspects of the company are quite lucrative.

  • Limelight Networks (LLNW)

This company has executed positive turnarounds and is making progress with better earnings. The margins in their segment are thin but with the more associated operations, there is better productivity. The stock is pulled back at recent times and this is the right time to purchase for the investors looking to keep the stocks for good growth. The revenues are intact and the profits are expected to grow in numbers. The present stock price of Limelight Networks is $3.13.

  • Sportsman’s Warehouse (SPWH)

This company makes its listing over the cut-off pricing of a penny stock and has the present value $5.31. The investors were quite worried about the election of Trump but it didn’t turn out to be a negative aspect for the SPWH stocks. The company deals in the outdoor sporting goods segment in 23 US states, including Alaska.

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