The marijuana industry has grown tremendously during the past few years. Cannabidiol (CBD) industry is an offspring of the marijuana industry and just like its parent industry, it is also expanding greatly. The cannabis and hemp plants are the two sources from where CBD is easily extracted. Because the industry is intensifying, many of the companies indulged in this business provide penny stocks at a very cheap rate to their customers.

Some of the CBD oil penny stock companies for profitable investments are  

With the greatest retail market in the United States for CBD products, this company is undoubtedly one of the best when it comes to investing in CBD oil penny stocks. There is a very high probability of obtaining profits from the investments made with Charlotte’s Web Holdings. Their CBD is extracted completely from hemp plants only.

All the products of this company became legal in 50 states on December 20, 2018, via President Donald Trump’s signature. This shows that buying penny stocks of this company is surely an investment in profit only.

Most of the products of this company are also the derivatives of the hemp plant. Their products are available in thousands of retail stores across the United States. Some of the legal issues that the company is facing can be a matter of concern for the investors. But these issues are not likely to hamper the development of this company. This company is sure to provide its investors some profit since they supply low-priced penny stocks and have shown unbeatable growth in recent times despite any of their legal issues.

  • Medical Marijuana, Inc. (NASDAQOTH: MJNA)

This company supplies its hemp-derived products, not only in the United States and Mexico but also in some of the greatest international markets. The company is yet to nourish and grow but is showing no signs of retreat. The price of their shares is very low, for example, $ 0.066 per share, but it can provide huge gains to its penny stock investors as the little company is quickly turning into a big brand name.

This company has gained FDA approval for its marijuana stock. Recently, one of their drugs Epidiolex for the treatment of two rarely found forms of childhood-onset epilepsy,  has also gained FDA approval. All this makes this company very reliable for investing in their penny stocks. This company is bound to expand in the upcoming times and endow with great gains to their investors.

This is a developing company making clinical drugs and medicines. They mostly make pain management drugs. Their recent growth has brought this company into the limelight and is attracting many investors interested in buying their penny stocks.

  • Tera Tech Corp. (OTCMKTS: TRTC)

This is an agricultural company which also has marijuana stores which they operate under the name Blum. They also have temporary authorization in California for cultivating, manufacturing, distributing and retailing cannabis. Listed in the OTC, this company is a trustworthy name when it comes to penny stock investments. It has the potential to give its investors high profits.

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