How Stable and Profitable is Airbnb Stock for Investing in Right Now?

Originally named, Airbnb Inc. (NASDAQ: ABNB) is a United States-based corporation operating an online marketplace. The online marketplace is for tourism activities and lodging homestays for vacation rentals. This company was founded just 12 years ago in San Francisco, California in August 2008 and is currently having its headquarters situated in San Francisco in the United States. Last year, in December, the company debuted on NASDAQ and then grew well. The company recently released its earnings results for the first quarter of 2021 and its performance was good in terms of revenue. Now, we have to analyze the company’s stock as per the company’s prospects and expected performance. Let us fully analyze the company from its statistical and earnings report and hence find out if an investment in the company could turn out to be profitable for the investors right now or this is not a great time to opt for investment here.

Airbnb Inc. (NASDAQ: ABNB): 2021 First Quarter Earnings Report of the Company

The company announced its earnings results for the first quarter of 2021 on the 13th of May, 2021 and the report made the company come into a positive light. The revenue beat the estimates of $719.8 million and came out to be $887 million while the net loss came out to be $1.2 billion but the expected net loss was $341 million and the company lost $1.95 per share (estimated loss per share $1.10). The gross booking value also came out to be $10.3 billion, which is more than the estimated value of $7.47 billion.

The report received positive reviews and the analysts have grown positive about the further progress of the company because the current scenario highlights that the company may only strengthen in the upcoming times.

Airbnb Inc. (NASDAQ: ABNB):

  • 52 Week Range:  $121.50 – $219.94
  • Average Volume:  7,557,304
  • Market Capital:  $93.323B
  • Forward Dividend and Yield:  N/A (N/A)

At present, the stock price has fallen to around $151 and definitely, this is not a good thing because the company’s share price had reached as much as $219.94 earlier this year. While the growth seems inevitable, an investment at this price would be less expensive than at the maximum reached price.

What is the Best Decision for the Investors Right Now?

To wait for some more time would be the best decision. The investors should observe the stock price as well as the earnings report of the upcoming quarters because if there is evident growth in the future, then for sure, Airbnb stock would make a stable and profitable investment for the investors. The travel is restoring and probably, the company is going to become stronger in the future but it is better to be completely sure since the stock market is very volatile and the risk of the coronavirus pandemic has not yet completely faded away.

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