stocks to buy after Joe Biden’s big win

Joe Biden is all set to become the 46th President of the United States. There will be sectors that will immensely grow under him and also the ones that time takes time to recover. It is expected that the renewable energy and health care stocks will go up while the stocks of the oil and banking sector might not get the appropriate results. The overall condition of the stock market will remain good enough. Let us analyze the stocks that are very favorable for buying upon Biden’s triumph.

  • Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM)

Latest statistics of Humana:

52 Week Range:  $208.25 – $474.70

Average Volume:  652,693

Market Capital:  $57.244B

Forward Dividend & Yield:  2.50 (0.58%)

This company has very high chances that it will be a profitable investment for its investors. It is a healthcare company and this sector has high prospects under the term of Joe Biden. The company has shown a great result in the earnings of the third quarter. The income has come out to be much better than it was expected or estimated by the analysts.

Latest statistics of Anthem:

52 Week Range:  $171.03 – $334.10

Average Volume:  1,234,885

Market Capital:  $77.924B

Forward Dividend & Yield:  3.80 (1.21%)

This company in the sector of healthcare and medicine has fine chances of prospering well under Joe Biden. Therefore, the investors can look forward to buying this stock because a good deal of profits is expected from Anthem.

  • Cigna Corporation (NYSE: CI)

Latest statistics of Cigna:

52 Week Range:  $118.50 – $224.64

Average Volume:  1,990,815

Market Capital:  $72.784B

Forward Dividend & Yield:  0.04 (0.02%)

Another stock of the healthcare sector which will receive benefits under Jo Biden’s term as the US President is Cigna. This week has also been good for the stocks of this company and the upcoming will also be profitable for the company and its investors as well.

  • Brookfield Renewable Partners (NYSE: BEP)

Latest statistics of Brookfield Renewable:

52-week Range:  $24.05 – $59.34

Average Volume:  357,257

Market Capital:  $10.788B

Forward Dividend & Yield:  1.74 (3.02%)

Biden has his eyes on global warming and other environmental issues. Therefore, the sector of renewable energy is which needs more development for the betterment of our environment. Brookfield Renewable is bound to get benefit under Biden’s term and thereby giving profits to the investors.

Latest statistics of Aphria:

52 Week Range:  $1.95 – $6.44

Average Volume:  6,167,384

Market Capital:  $1.583B

Forward Dividend & Yield:  N/A (N/A)

It is anticipated that Biden will legalize marijuana in the United States and that brings in good news for the marijuana and cannabis companies. Due to this, Aphria will gain profits and will also turn out to be an even more profitable investment for investors.

Therefore, the stock market will probably stay up and high with many more stocks coming up. Some sectors are going to benefit shortly and that is indeed good news. The investors can choose wisely over which stocks they must put their money on.

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