Is Pinterest Stock a Good Choice for Investment?

Pinterest is a very popular social media platform worldwide for the sharing of images related to almost everything from art and craft to travel and furnishing. This platform is however different from other social media platforms because it is used basically for finding new ideas or searching about various activities.

Pinterest and its Growth in 2020

The final quarter of 2020 saw the company had 459 active users (monthly) and in the year 2020 as a whole, the firm added around 100 million active users (monthly) to its already existing monthly active users. If we consider its growth based on year over year then the company’s monthly active users have risen by as much as 37%.

The growth of the company is very well visible and that makes it an attractive choice for investing. Moreover, the company tends to grow further because there are no reasons or signs that the growth will slow down in the future. Its popularity is increasing and that is the major reason for the rise in subscribers which eventually adds to the profit and income of the company.

Pinterest Inc. (NYSE: PINS): Latest Statistical Summary of the Firm

  • 52 Week Range:  $10.10 – $86.49
  • Average Volume:  11,327,818
  • Market Capital:  $50.162B
  • Forward Dividend and Yield:  N/A (N/A)

The increase in the stock price of the company defines how well the company has progressed in a year despite that the year 2020 was the year when the coronavirus pandemic was at full force.

An investment in the company looks like an investment that will yield a good amount of profit for the investors. The ease of use and the utility of Pinterest will keep on attracting more and more subscribers for the firm in the upcoming times as well.

Buying the Pinterest Stock Right Now: Right Time or Not?

The company has evolved itself well and that is what makes it a good choice for investing. The analysts hold a positive view of the firm and currently, there are hardly any reasons which put the company in a bad light. It has improved itself well and established itself in the highly competitive sector of social media. It is very different from other apps but still has carved out its image in its field.

Therefore, if we consider all the aspects of the company well, then we can conclude that in no way, the company is an investment of loss. There is a very high probability of earning good profits from this investment. The stock price is also moderate which is affordable for the investors and when a stock yields profit at a low price, then it is very well preferable.

This is a good time to invest in the Pinterest stock because of the steadiness and reliability of the firm. There is little chance that the investors will not benefit from an investment in this company.

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