People have lately become highly interested in the penny stocks belonging to the marijuana industry and because of this, the marijuana industry has significantly benefitted. Today, investing in this segment is considered to as profitable. Here is a list of some companies which are worthy of making a deposition.

Aphria is one of the most important cannabis industries in the world with great demand. The company is expanding each day and is believed to be one of the best companies to invest in. Any investor will surely benefit from an investment made in this medical marijuana manufacturing company. The major advantage of investing in this company is that it will bloom with the marijuana legalization in many parts of the US. A must consider the company for making an investment.

The stock of this company is quite low-priced, lower than Aphria. This company is benefitting greatly from its medical cannabis ideas. The company is intensifying strongly and has the potentialto give big gains to its shareholders. Anyone who is considering investing in penny stocks must positively think about making investments in this company.

KushCo holding is a company providing highly cheap and best stocks. It is a developing a company which is prone to make a great future in the upcoming times. It delivers hydrocarbon gases and solvents. Seemingly, this company is going to earn huge profits in the near future.


This is a great company which is becoming bigger and will soon be one of the best companies in the marijuana industry. It is a good choice among penny stock investors since this company shows all the potential of providing its customers with fine profits. One must truly look up to this company and making an investment here will in no way go futile.

Origin House is just like the other ones mentioned in the list, a reliable company to invest in its stocks. Its revenue of cannabis brands and its distribution company is going up and up and will definitely give excellent results to its customers.

The greatest quality of this company is that it has priced its stock in such a way that it attracts a lot of customers. It is indeed one of the top choices to deal in terms of penny stocks. This company has an attractive customer ‘Tilray’. One could keep this company in mind while making an investment in cannabis stocks.

Penny stocks will always remain speculative and can turn tables any time. One cannot completely rely on the company in which one has invested. The investor has to stay wide awake in the world of share market. Even the best-known companies can suffer losses anytime. The marijuana industry is more speculative than it looks. In this field, it is usually believed that the company which keeps adequate pricing will have the least probability of sustaining losses.

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