Hot Penny Stocks 2020 (DCLT), (CNAT), (BTX), (CDTX), (CANF)

Penny stocks are usually traded below $5 but an average investor considers the stocks under $1 as penny stocks. In the broader spectrum, penny stocks are not traded on the major stock exchanges and are present on the OTC markets and pink sheets. These stocks are highly volatile and make you win a lot of money but at the same time, the probability of losing money is much more than winning the gains.

Every day, people look forward to searching for the best micro-cap stocks to buy. There are thousands of names on the stock lists and you can’t research all of them. It is important to create your own list of penny stocks and watch for potential gains of those stocks to make your own opinion. Make sure that you are choosing the right stocks as penny stocks are susceptible to many risks. There are many segments like marijuana stocks, solar stocks, gold stocks, technology stocks, biotech stocks, oil stocks, etc. in which the investments could be considered.

List of Penny Stocks 2020

Data Call Technologies (DCLT)

This stock is on the bounce. Data Call Technologies provides real-time information through digital signage networks in the US. The company offers the software and services linked with news, real-time ads and emergency alerts in various locations. The company’s float is low at present and is expected to gain momentum in the coming phases.

Conatus Pharmaceuticals (CNAT)

CNAT is a biotechnology company focusing primarily on the treatment and cure of liver diseases. The company is undergoing FDA trials for the treatment of subjects related to Decompensated NASH Cirrhosis. This phase is quite lucrative for investors to follow this stock. The 52-week high value of this stock is $6.74 and the present stock is at $0.835. The positive results will expectedly bring the stocks up till the end of 2020.

BioTime Inc. (BTX)

This clinical-stage biotechnology company develops new therapies on the cellular platform for degenerative neurological and retinal diseases. The company is working on Dry age-related macular degeneration at present. The stocks are priced near $1 and the 52-week high range is at $2.81. The company recently got a grant of $2.5 million from Israel Innovation Authority for the continuation of the development of OpRegen®

Cidara Therapeutics, Inc. (CDTX)

CDTX is a biotechnology company having specialization in the infection treatment. It is working on antifungal medications for the treatment of candidemia and invasive candidiasis. The company has conducted various presentations with regard to the stocks and there is a momentum expected after phase 3 results. Risk management is essential to consider while dealing with CDTX stocks.

Can-Fite Biopharma Limited ADR (CANF)

This biotech company has been into a downtrend for some time. It offers drugs for the treatment of Rheumatic Arthritis, Psoriasis, Uveitis, Hep C, Liver Cancer, Crohn’s disease and many other issues. There could be much good news coming out of the company’s end in the coming future. The stocks were at $25 level in last year duration and would certainly uplift from $2.77 rate in the present phase.

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