Good Penny Stocks to buy (MAXR),(HCLP), (CRNT), (FTEK), (UAN), (MDXG), (INSG), (NVMM)


This company is good for investing for those who can tolerate risks as their stocks are highly speculative. This is actually a space technology company with its headquarters in Westminster, Colorado, United States. They have also had a deal with NASA which makes it an even more promising company to invest in. Although the company has incurred losses quite a few times, mostly it has played profitable games for its investors. Let us, for example, take the case of the year 2017 in which the company had brought a wholesome profit of $130 million.


This company is good for those who are interested in long-term investments. This company is in the field of oil and gas and provides sand as their service. The recent growth in the company and its profits show that this company would prove to be a promising investment for the investors.


This company too is worthy of long-term investments. This company manufactures radio units, management systems, small-cell hauling, hybrid microwave and so on. Their recent profits in the share market have shown that investing in Ceragon Networks can turn out to be a promising venture. Their stocks are available at a cheaper rate as compared to many other penny stock companies. The present scenario shows that this company will bring greater profits to their investors in the share market.

  • FUEL TECH, Inc. (FTEK)

As the name suggests, this company is in the field of oil and gas. Their penny stocks are priced at a very cheap rate which ranges between $ 1.20 and $ 2.70. Their expansion is showing that the company has the tendency to incur huge profits in the upcoming future.


The specialty of this company is that they pay very high dividends to their investors even on their low-priced stocks. This company is in the field of making fertilizers. Their consistency is the biggest reason for its intensification. Investing in the penny stocks of this company can turn out to be of great profits for their investors as this company has a potential future ahead.


This is an over-the-counter (OTC) stock company. Although this company has suffered setbacks due to being a Dark Market Stock Company, they have strengthened their finances and now, it is among the trustworthy penny stock companies in the market. Keeping the present situation in mind, one can easily invest in this company and obtain profits.


This technology company is one of the favorites among penny stock investors. The recent profits of this company have shown the consolidated position of the company in the stock market. But this company might give better profits to its short-term investors due to its inconsistency.


This company provides solutions related to technologies, placements of highly skilled professionals with top firms as well as government agencies. This company is having a solid financial background which provides a sense of satisfaction to their investors. Due to this very factor, this company has a high probability of giving enormous gains to its investors in this field of share market.

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