Penny Stock CLSI Hits a new 52-week high

CLSI Hits a new 52-week high

This week Clancy Systems Intl (OTC: CLSI) hit a new 52-week high and jumped 28.21% in a single session on Tuesday.

The CLSI stock has been making waves among the penny stocks for a monstrous really where the stock gained 983% in the past few weeks. In OTC markets, the stock still has a sign of “stop” sitting next to the CLSI symbol. This sign is to clarify that the company has delayed its financial filings. 

But the stock gained new momentum at the end of September when Clancy Systems released some of its financial reports. These included two of its annual statements and three quarterly statements that had been updated. This new development made investors sit up and take notice of the CLSI stock. Buyers flocked to this penny stock, sending its price skyrocketing. This week CLSI hit a new lifetime high of $0.117.

Clancy Systems has still not made any official announcement of its reports. Its last quarterly report was for the quarter ending on June 3o, 2019. In that report, the company had not shown any revenue, its liabilities were up to $14,400 and it had declared assets worth nearly $2 million. Currently, according to the company reports, it has 800 million authorized shares while the outstanding shares are more than 213 million. Since the last week of September, the CLSI stock has risen in value by 983%. 

Clancy Systems Intl has been in business since 1986. It is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, United States. The company’s product involves systems that deal with parking ticket-writing. In fact, the company handles all systems involved in the parking ticket administration process. Not only ticket issuance and letter mailings, but the company also handles data management, payment processing, and enforcement system. It also provides real-time alerts for stolen vehicles and helps in dispute resolution. Its product is based on Android. The company is also in the business of online payment remittance. Mainly, its solutions target universities, universities, and municipalities. It also produces hardware and software used in special projects by the Hertz Corporation.

Based on current technical, the stock is a “buy” from 1.00 to 1.24. It will be “overweight” from 1.25 to 1.74. The reading will become “hold” from 1.75 to 2.24 and “sell” from 2.75 through to 3.00.

The CLSI stock has been performing exceptionally well in the last one year. In the last five days, the stock has gone up by 44.26%. In the last one month, its value has increased by 417.65%. In the last 3 months, the stock has risen 576.92%. Year to date, this stock has zoomed up 5,766.67% and in the last one year, it has grown by 5,400.00%. The stock’s average trading volume has been 5. 63 million. It has a market cap of $30.22M. 

Considering the often-volatile trend in penny stocks, this is a pretty impressive and solid growth story of CLSI stock. No wonder buyers are lapping up this stock and it has hit a new 52- week high. 

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