Best penny stocks 2020 (CETX), (SAND), (BDSI), (FEDU), (TRQ), (EFOI)

  1. Cemtrex, Inc. (CETX)

This stock trades on the NASDAQ has a rate of $0.84. The volume of stock traded is high and there is a consistent growth in the stock prices from its position in December 2018. The company will be able to make a strong move in the coming months without having much-associated risks involved. Despite the low price, the stock is listed on NASDAQ for the reason of its high-volume trading.

  • Sandstrom Gold Ltd. (SAND)

This is a strong company dealing with the financing for the mining companies in form of cash payment exchanges. This is a perfect purchase for the people looking for gold stocks for investment. The other stocks in the same industry are not as trusted as this one and it has tremendously attained growth from November 2018 to the double value at present. This stock is expected to move to a higher way and get a better response in the coming phases.

  • BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc. (BDSI)

This company has got many losses in the 2013-16 phase. After this stage, they were able to generate net earnings of over five million dollars in 2017. This corporation has got a healthy balance sheet and the total assets have reached a considerably higher amount. The liability of this pharma segment company is only $80 million and the addition of more funds will result in a better scope for the investors for this company.

  • Four Seasons Education (Cayman) Inc. (FEDU)

Penny stock investors generally don’t trust education-related companies. FEDU stocks fell hard to a level of $2.25 very recently. The shares were around $10 in November 2017 (IPO time) and $8.50 in the previous year February. There is a scope to grow with the new trends and the investors can look for picking up the right price to invest in the stocks. The revenue numbers for the stocks are growing rapidly. The fundamental analysis reveals that the stock is expected to grow up to a higher level with better performance of the stocks. The balance sheet of the company is impressive and the liabilities are lesser.

  • Turquoise Hill Resource Ltd. (TRQ)

Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd. (TRQ) has started to play out in its original way. The company has headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. There has been official uptrend expected from the company and it will come across the spike from the current levels. The high price of the stock is $3.34 in the last 52-weeks. There is a price increase in the gold with significant gains over the other precious metals.

  • Energy Focus, Inc. (EFOI)

The price of the share is $0.75- $1.03 at present and it is excepted to grow to lead to a return to high profits. The company makes development, manufacturing, designing, and marketing of the LED lighting technologies. The trading volume of the company is on the lower side and the increase in the trust of investors on this stock will probably bring success to the company’s status.

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