Marijuana stocks in Canada (CGC), (ACBFF), (CRON),(HYYDF), (CNTTF), (APHQF), (OGRMF), (NXTTF), (FIRE), (EMHTF)

The legalization of Cannabis in Canada was quite prior to the United States. The nation approved marijuana in 2001 for medical purposes. Since then, the industry has evolved into many cannabis explorations, developments, and medical usage. Canada has introduced the recent Cannabis Act defining recreational pot usage (July 2018). The similar case is with the United States for liberalizing marijuana laws.

There is uncertainty prevailing in the United States and the investors look forward to the Canadian stocks traded in the country on the OTC markets. Penny stocks consist of higher component risk

  1. Canopy Growth Corp. (CGC)

The market cap of the company is $12.4 billion and its headquarters are located in Smith Falls, Canada. The company sells its products under many names. The company got listed on the NYSE in the month of May 2018. The current price of the stock is $46.35.

Aurora Cannabis has a market capitalization of $10.61 billion and it is debuted on the TSX (The Toronto Stock Exchange). The company attained a license for selling cannabis oil in 2017 and in the year 2018, it took over MedRelead Corp. The stock prices of the company have improved in the previous year and it has a good scope in the coming future.

This company consists of the collaborated group of six companies having headquarters in Toronto, Canada. This cannabis company works in cultivation and distribution of marijuana. The present market capitalization of the company is $1.37 billion.

HYYDF is headquartered in Quebec, Canada. Hexo focuses on the adult-usage of marijuana and has licensed production in the region. The market capitalization of the company is $1.266 billion.

CannTrust Holdings Inc. has a global partnership with pharmaceutical companies in Canada (Appotex Inc.). The cultivation facility of the company has 430 thousand square feet cultivation facility. The market cap of CNTTF is $1.10 billion.

The market cap of the company is $3.64 billion and it is the low-cost producer of marijuana in Canada. The company produces dry cannabis and cannabis oil of different strength and qualities.

The company has headquarters in Moncton, Canada with a market cap of $759.73. There are many accessories, dry cannabis, and oils sold by the company with claims of organic cannabis usage.

The company with a market capitalization of $547.42 focuses on the e-commerce segment of the medical marijuana business. The company included CannMart Inc. in its distribution network in Toronto, Canada for retail distribution. The company operates in 32 sites in 20 different countries globally.

  • The Supreme Cannabis Company (FIRE)

The company has a market cap of $445.50 million and it produces cannabis under its owned subsidiary banner of 7Acres. The name of the company was changed from SupremePharma to The Supreme Cannabis Company Inc. at the end of December.

  • Emerald Health Therapeutics (EMHTF)

With a market capitalization of $513.91 million, the company Emerald Health Therapeutics is the producer of dry cannabis and cannabis oils for medical usage. The company has headquarters in British Columbia.

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