Best marijuana stocks to buy (CBWTF), (MPXEF), (CBIS), (GRNH)

The list of marijuana stocks to buy now is given below. The investors are recommended to give their personal efforts in researching the stocks and follow their own analysis for a rewarding purchase.

  1. Auxly Cannabis Group Inc. (CBWTF)

Auxly Cannabis group provides funding for cannabis production and produces the contracts for the interest related to the operations of the cannabis facilities. The company has a unique business structure which makes it a choice for the investors. There are low risks involved for the companies having a strong structure. The stocks are priced at $0.5628 and there is a probability to get increment with the better contracts and equity interests being given to the company. The shares have lost their equity value at present but it could be pulled together with the best leads of the company. Legal marijuana is still at its prime stages and should expect to grow in the times to come. CBWTF is worth gambling for the penny stock investors.

  • MPX Bioceutical (MPXEF)

Most of the marijuana stocks are associated with the botanical medical aspect and it is even true for MPX Bioceutical. The company is a multi-state diversified cannabis segment group having well-established life dispensaries and has an association with MPX Brand and GreenMart, holding the cultivation and production licenses for the medical and adult use. The company uses three brands under its corporate: MPX, Health for Life and Salus BioPharma. These companies deal with medical-grade cannabis and the green lifestyle. The stocks are priced at $0.92 at present and the company’s forecast goes up for $1.137 USD in the coming phases. The stock can be considered for short-term progressions in the cannabis sector.

  • Cannabis Science Inc. (CBIS)

Cannabis Science Inc. (CBIS) works with its subsidiaries for development, production and commercialization of phyto cannabinoid-based pharma products in the US. There are medications for autism, BP, cancer, related illnesses, and health maintenance. The company offers the medical marijuana system programs for understanding the benefit of cannabis in the medical world. The goal of the company is to obtain the approvals from FDA for the cannabis-based medications for treating skin cancer, PTSD and HIV disorders. The company’s stock price is $0.038 and it is expected to grow with its listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

  • GreenGro Techs (GRNH)

GreenGro Techs (GRNH) works on designing, manufacturing, and marketing of the green eco-friendly cultivation systems in the US. The company also offers various products which work as the consulting services to its clients. The cultivation of cannabis has led the way towards a way to inculcate the exclusive services to the clients. GRNH has a strategic alliance with Solaris Power Cells.

Green Gro Technologies, Inc. has recently announced a restructured plan with cost-effective methods for improvement of profitability of the company for long-term success. This has led the investors to think about this stock for their investment as the company’s goal is to achieve a positive cash flow with huge earnings in 2019. The present stock price of $0.0184 will improve in the long-run.

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