Penny stocks to buy 2020 (VEON), (UEC) (KMPH), (WYY), (TLGT)

Penny stocks can be purchased with the use of technical analysis to reap out the best benefits. There are many experts dealing with stock tips and giving the necessary information to the investors regarding the different stocks. There are some penny stocks to consider buying in 2019 and these could be the most rewarding stocks as per the analysis of the stock experts.

  • VEON Ltd. (VEON)

VEON and its subsidiaries provide mobile and fixed-line communication services. This stock is showing an upward trend right now and could be a way to reach towards the realistic price levels. The present prices are accompanied by the apprehensive trading activity with the turning of the share price. There will be a positive direction seen for this stock ranging at $2.53 at this phase and moving towards higher notes in the next phases.

  • Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC)

This stock had a tough time a month ago and the prices have been declining, despite the receipt of the license for Radioactive Material for the Burke Hollow ISR project in South Texas. The company showed a negative approach with regard to its stock price which is nowhere giving a positive remark. The long-term projection of this stock is on the higher side, though it is showing a negative short-term positioning. This stock is a good option for the people looking for the long-term perspective of the stocks. The upward potential would lead to a positive impact on the stock positioning and the prices will go up in the coming days. So, it could be a good choice for the investors to buy it at the present price of $0.24.

  • KemPharm, Inc. (KMPH)

KemPharm, Inc. (KMPH) is a pharmaceutical company developing and discovering the proprietary pro-drugs in the US. The company’s management has given information to present at several investor conferences. The chart of the company is towards the bottom ranges and the stock prices are floating at the prices near $2.19. There will be a movement in the stock prices in the short term and these penny stocks could be considered for purchase.

  • WidePoint Corporation (WYY)

WidePoint Corporation is currently priced at $0.4318 per share and it is expected to climb upwards into a new range. The stock markets are open now and WYY provides the mobility management solutions to government and commercial sectors in Europe and North American region. The provision of communication solutions in government and corporate sector will give a place to the company to produce analytical solutions in its own way. The future of WYY looks quite promising.

  • Teligent, Inc. (TLGT)

This stock has been declining over the last few months and has reached from the season’s highest of $4.5 to $.1.13 value. It is expected that the stocks will grow up in the phases to come. The company could be trusted for its generic pharmaceutical development, manufacturing, and marketing for the generic products in the US and Canada. The company’s success will be based on its marketing strategies and new developments under progress.

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