US Marijuana Stocks (STWC), (IIPR), (CWEB), (LHS), (SMG)

There has been a rapid transformation in the marijuana stocks within a short span of time. The year 2018 gained a huge momentum for the industry with the legalization of hemp in various regions of the United States. The investors can expect a series of growth for the stocks linked with cannabis market.  US Marijuana Stocks are positioned on NYSE, NASDAQ, OTCBB, pink sheets and on similar stock exchanges. The people looking for long-term investments choose the reputed stock exchanges to buy/sell the stocks and for short-term transactions & rapid investments, penny stock investments are chosen. The rate of volatility in penny stocks is much higher than that of the other stock exchanges.

Some renowned US Marijuana Stocks are listed below for review:

STWC Holdings, Inc. (STWC)

STWC Holdings, Inc. engages in the cultivation facilities in cannabis throughout the US. The company has headquarters located in Lakewood, Colorado and was founded in 2012. The stock symbol of the company is STWC and it is situated in the OTC market in the United States with a stock value of $1.

Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR)

IIPR has the primary assets of cannabis growing farms with processing facilities and has been profitable for many quarters. The company is positioned on NYSE and has been working with the low-cost structure of REITs. It is an established pot stock and doesn’t come under the category of penny stocks. However, the investors looking for long-term investment in the pot stocks would have it as the best option.

Charlotte’s Web Holdings Inc (CWEB)

The headquarters of CWEB is located in Boulder, CO, US. The company is a hemp stock based in the US. It ranks #1 in the market share for hemp-based CBD products in the United States through its website. With the legalization of cannabis, the company has posted almost double the sales from the previous phases. The web products could enjoy a wide acceptance with the growing trend of cannabis in the US.

Liberty Health Sciences (LHS)

Liberty Health Sciences is a Canadian company but focuses exclusively in the US market with its prime opportunity at present in the state of Florida. The market share of the company is expected to grow up in 2019 with the launch of additional dispensaries (Ohio and Massachusetts). The company has plans to launch the CBD-based athletic, beauty, wellness, and pet products.

Cannabis legalization is blooming the related stocks of the US. Many important states, plus Washington DC have legalized adult use of marijuana and it is giving scope for the US companies to grow in their associated trends of marijuana.

Scotts Miracle-Gro Company (SMG)

The company manufactures, sells and markets the customer lawn and garden products in the United States and on global platforms. With the diverse product selling and the legalization of marijuana in the US, there have been many SMG products needed in various forms by cannabis-related industry. It could be the components to grow it or increase the production of good quality cannabis, SMG is helping many groups (direct and indirect) to make the relevant moves in hemp segment.



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