Cryptocurrency penny stocks (CINGF), (CODE), (DMGGF), (KTPPF)

Blockchain penny stocks were a hot commodity item in the year 2017 and they are not getting much movement at present. However, these stocks still have a positive potential as many major US companies are trying to incorporate the blockchain technology in their present working systems. The companies having their center on the cryptocurrencies and blockchain can get associated with the larger corporations for getting acquisitions and other financial decisions. The blockchain penny stocks have dropped significantly in 2018 and could establish their position in the market with the positive signs from the market.

If you are finding a list of the Blockchain penny stocks, you can think about it. We’ve accumulated the list of the largest Blockchain Penny stocks for considering the stocks for purchase. Blockchain penny stocks are below $5 a share and are highly speculative at present. The only plus point to invest in Blockchain penny stocks is that they are cheaper and require low investment to buy-in the stocks. In return, there will be a probability to earn better with the market moves. The only con for buying Blockchain Penny Stocks is that they have highly volatile nature due to the lower volumes and the investors need to make sure that they are staking their money on the right stock.

Some of the blockchain penny stocks are given below:

  1. Coinsilium Group Limited (CINGF)

Coinsilium specializes in the early-stage setup for the investments in the seed stage. The focus of the company is to make an investment in the blockchain startup groups meant to commercialize the blockchain technology. The stock price is $0.046 which is almost towards the lower sides. It specializes in giving a chance to the new groups and commercializing the penny stocks. The trend of blockchain stocks is on the lower sides and this company will probably turn towards a better scope with the investments in the US, Europe, and Asian regions.

This company is an investment company having early-stage technology investments and serves the customers in Canada. It is not a large company on a global platform and has its stocks on the Canadian Stock Exchange market. The company doesn’t have active trading but there are chances for it to grow with time and the new trends in the blockchain environment. There are various reasons for the company having no positive results in recent times. With the closely associated business terms, it is expected that the company might grow from $0.035 level towards the 52-week high of $0.15.

  • Dmg Blockchain Solutions Inc. (DMGGF)

DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. has operations and development of digitalized solutions for monetization of the blockchain ecosystem. The company has its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada and is expected to grow its operations as a cryptocurrency and blockchain company.

  • Katipult Technology Corporation (KTPPF)

Katipult Technology Corporation is a financial technology company working for the designing, setting up and operation of an investment platform helping a broad category of investors. There are investment management, investment marketing, and financial transactions are handled in various geographic jurisdictions. The present stock prices of KTPPF are on the lower sides and it might go upwards towards a 52-week high value of $2.40.

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