Penny stocks to watch today (ENSV), (TYHT), (SND), (DLPN), (JVA)

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned trader, it is important to notice that penny stocks are highly speculative stocks. Penny stocks are traded under $1 and it is the most volatile securities you’ll come across in your investment career. These cheap stocks will have a great scope only if they’re purchased vigilantly.

The low-priced tag makes penny stocks susceptible to inappropriate swings and scammers. Penny stocks can make you rich quickly and the combinational growth earnings with strength and performance for the beginners will lead towards successful outcomes. For the people who want to get rich quick, there are a few recommendations for investing the money in the right direction:

  1. ENSV (Enservco Corporation)

This is oil and gas player have a probability to get earnings with a stable business with the oil logistics. The company provides core services including acidizing, hot oiling and frac water heating. The company is recovering from the income loss which it had to suffer in the year 2016. There is a huge probability that the company will become profitable again and get growth in the low-price environment.

  • TYHT (Shineco)

Shineco is a company specializing in Chinese herbal medications and markets through its subsidiaries. The company keeps differentiation from the competitors with its cutting-edge technology in its group. The stock is positioned on NASDAQ and the company proclaims of gaining business with its medicines claiming the memory improvement, food additive, immunity enhancement, and many other plus points. The present stock price is about half a dollar.

  • SND (Smart Sand)

Smart Sand (SND) is a company working with oil drillers and has business in hydrocarbons. The business of this company has been good in recent times as the net income is growing to reach a level of $30 million from only eight million in 2014. The analysts expect that there would be approximately double the growth in the coming year. The price per stock is about $3 and the 52-week high of SND is $8.68. It will drive strong demand in 2019 and there will be a good chance for the investors to consider SND for enhancing their returns over the investment.

  • DLPN (Dolphin Entertainment)

This company is a bit unknown to the investors as not many of them put them on their lists but it could be a positive move for earning the profits to the shareholders. The recent acquisition of 42West Marketing outfit has provided Dolphin Entertainment with a positive hold of the revenues from the PR industry. The present price is $1.50 per share and it could accelerate towards its 52-week high price of $5.77 with optimistic results for the shareholders.

  • JVA (Coffee Holding Co.)

Similar to the previous company, you might have probably not heard of JVA stock much. It is a little company having the business of coffee beans. It has a wholesale coffee selling business for various uses, including branded coffee, green coffee, and another private label usage. The company had a big name is 2011 and it is again looking to reframe its name. The coffee stock survived the downtrend and is still holding a stagnant position. The stocks are expected to grow with the upcoming news about the company.

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