Top penny stocks 2020 (TCS), (MFG), (CETV), (VHI), (HIMX), (FSM),(TRQ)

With the arrival of 2020, there is no better time to find out the most profitable opportunities in the world of the stock market. There are some of the top penny stocks 2020 to be considered by the investors to get higher returns with low-level investments. In the case of penny stocks, the sudden jump in the share price could double or triple your money in a few days.

  1. The Container Store Group Inc. (TCS)

This is a retail firm providing storage and organization solutions. The last two years for the company have been fantastic in terms of the establishment of new stores and sustaining the existing business. TCS has been able to keep the low costing and the revenue rates growing up. The profitability rate of the company is expected to grow up in the upcoming year and the stock prices will boom with the recent momentum. The stock price at present is $6.72 and it is the best buy for the investors looking for the price hike.

  • Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. (MFG)

This is a Japanese holding company having rich assets. The company works for corporate investment, retail banking, global asset management, and prime financial strategies. The company is protected from volatility with its diversified streams. The company is expected to grow its stock price with the subsequent gain for the investors. The level of $4 is no far to be obtained by MFG.

  • Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. (CETV)

This is a media and entertainment company having visibility in major broadcasting markets. There is the least probability of getting lowering of growth value and over the next two years, the revenues of CETV are expected to grow by 20%. The present price of the stock is over $3 and it is expected to increase the value to $5 by the end of the year.

  • Valhi Inc. (VHI)

The company produces goods for the component products, real estate management & development and chemicals stream. The company’s stocks are traded at $3.36 at the moment and it is expected that the prices could reach up to the 52-week highest level of $9.24. The company has its subsidiaries working for the three streams components.

  • Himax Technologies, Inc. (HIMX)

HIMX is a central supplier for the technology firms and gives global supplies for the semiconductors on a global platform. The company partnered with Alphabet Inc. for production of the liquid crystal. The company experienced growth in semiconductor sales and the price nearing $4 at present is expected to grow with the encouraging growth of semiconductor sales worldwide.

  • Fortuna Silver Mines, Inc. (FSM)

Fortuna Silver Mines, Inc. is a Canadian Silver mining company with its major operations in the Latin America region. There is a positive response for stock markets with geopolitics and central planners. The price of the stock is $4 and it is expected to grow towards a higher level with the growth in mining companies.

  • Turquoise Hill Resources Limited (TRQ)

Turquoise Hill Resources Limited is the Canadian largest mineral development and exploration company. The cost per stock is $1.70 at present and it is expected to grow in the coming times with the profitable expansion in the company. The gold and copper production after 2017 has led to the rise of stock prices and it will probably grow up with time.

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