BTCS is the company with a market capitalization of $30.93M. The company is the primary mover in the digital currency and blockchain ecosystems and focuses on the blockchain technologies. The information is recorded by the company in a secure way and there is public information sharing done without making reliability on any central authority.

The basic aim of the company is to promote the digital currency ecosystem with a unique universal digital currency platform. BTCS (Bitcoin Shop, Inc.) is the first public trading company in the field of digital currency. They offer the solutions for e-com stores which accept many digital currencies, wallets, and other secured online storage solutions. There is the high-end technology used in defining new technologies with innovation. The services offered by the strategic partners of the company are also updated for the right move.

BTCS has partnered with 4 major digital currency companies:

  • Gem
  • Expresscoin
  • GoCoin
  • Coin Outlet

BTCS, Inc. is based in the United States and the apps are well developed for the digital currency and blockchain database concepts. The current 52 weeks low and high value is $0.0285 – 0.578.

The value of the stocks was $0.30 in 2015. However, there was a dropping of rates in July 2016 and the stock value became $0.001. The company is in the state of progression now. It was associated with the Australian Company Blockchain Global Limited in August 2017. However, BTCS Inc. notified that its connection with Blockchain Global Inc. would be terminated due to delays in the latter company’s ability to make SEC approval for financial statements.

The prices of Digital Assets (bitcoins) of the company are subjected to fluctuations. The cash burn rate is about $80K in a month. The availability of cash in the form of assets is $231,000 and the digital assets vary in their costs. The availability of assets and cash are anticipated to have sufficient value through the end of 2018. There are additive funds required for the company’s operations and it would be possible to collect those funds with the trust of the investors.

The company has discontinued mining due to some issues arising in the segment. There was a time when cryptocurrencies were at their peak and highly accepted on a global platform. It gave the market offering thousands of Intelligent Shopping Engines. The bitcoin wallet uses 2/3 multi-signatures for securing the keys of the user. The wallet provided 2-factor authentication and the beta version could be acclaimed only by special invitation.

The blockchain is the distributed ledger with sub-parts: Smart contracts, digital currency, record keeping, and securities. It can record information and make it informative in its own ways. The digital currency platform allows the consumers to purchase merchandise using digital currencies and BTCS has been doing it for last few years. The founders of the company Michal Handerhan & Timothy Sidie established this concept in 2008 in Virginia (USA). At present, Mr. Charles W. Allen is on the title of Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & CFO. The prospects of the company are on the positive notes for investors.

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