Delta Air Lines: Better Times on the Way?


The coronavirus pandemic struck many sectors and left various firms in losses. The transportation sector also had to bear the same. Although, the pandemic does not seem to end, yet it cannot be said that the future remains all dark for these companies. Let’s talk about Delta Air Lines Inc. (NYSE: DAL), a company that has undergone losses lately but we can expect better times for the firm amidst the pandemic. Moreover, with the latest news of Pfizer announcing their more than 90% efficient vaccine’s successful test on their candidate, the stocks of these companies saw a rise.

As per the current situation, Delta Air Lines is a stock suitable for a long-term investment because as and when the coronavirus will start to disappear, things will also start returning to normal. The company has suffered a great loss during this pandemic and has stated that per share, the loss has been $3.30 or we can say the company is bearing with a loss of $2.6 billion. The figures themselves show that the company needs to gain profits. This is seemingly possible shortly. However, the earnings of the third quarter have shown up to be better than those of the previous quarter and this is a sign of progress. The company is still at a loss, but at least the journey towards a better time with-profits has begun. The people have started traveling but still, lesser people tend to travel owing to the risks that are associated.

Delta Air Lines Inc. (NYSE: DAL): Latest Statistics

  • 52 Week Range:  $17.51 – $62.48
  • Average Volume:  20,153,473
  • Market Capital:  $23.564B

Delta Air Lines: Invest Suitably

With Biden winning the 2020 United States Presidential elections, there have been speculations and analysis as to what will happen to the stock market. The stock market will remain intact and in a good position while there will be stocks that will rise and the stocks that will go down.

The sector of airlines and travel is however more associated with the coronavirus pandemic and how the conditions will be in the future. Therefore, this sector is not expected to face any danger zone under the term of Joe Biden.

The investors might not consider well, an investment in this company now but will surely be waiting for the right time can be too late as well. Therefore, shareholders can think of making a long-term investment here. This kind of investment will give profits to buyers slowly and steadily. Putting in money on this stock for a longer term is considered to be a wise investment because nobody knows that when the pandemic will completely end. This makes short-term investments in such stocks a very risky move.

The current analysis gives a positive report and suggests growth. The market is undoubtedly volatile and every investment must be made with complete attention. Hence, long-term investment in Delta Air Lines before the pandemic ends is a good choice.

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