Most Profitable US Stocks Of This Week

This week saw a rise in the stocks of some major companies. These companies performed well in the stock market this week.

This Tuesday, the shares of Alphabet rose by 1.4%. The lawsuit that has been filed by the Justice Department was a long-anticipated move and it is a direct target towards the world’s largest search engine Google. While the company is all set to come up with their third-quarter results on the 29th of October, this lawsuit is alarming news. However, the stock market performance this week went considerably well.

  • Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: GS)
  • 52 Week Range:  130.85 – 250.46
  • Average Volume:  3,161,350
  • Market Capital:  70.549B

Rising by 1.2% on Thursday, Goldman Sachs Group has had a fair performance this week.  The company is facing problems due to its ongoing financial issues with the Malaysian Investment Fund (1MDB) and has to pay billions to 1MDB for the same.

Tesla saw a rise in its stocks by 0.7% on Thursday. This quarter has gone considerably well for Tesla. The net profit of this company came out to be $331 million for the quarter (which ended on the 31st of September). The company is completing its targets, fetching a fine profit and revenue, and is progressing well.

The stocks of this company saw a rise of 0.4% on Tuesday. This company has performed considerably well. With people stocking up their homes with the Tide detergents and Gillette razors at the time of lockdown and now, the company has seen great progress in the sales of Swiffer mops and Dawn Dish soaps.

  • Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT)
  • 52 Week Range:  102.00 – 151.33
  • Average Volume:  9,722,770
  • Market Capital:  407.635B

The stocks of Walmart rose on Friday by 0.2%. It has also filed a lawsuit against the federal government. However, the stock market performance of the company is going smoothly and well.

There was a rise of 5.2% in the shares of Southwest Airlines on Thursday. However, the profit of this company will depend on how the situation of Corona Virus Pandemic will be in the upcoming times. The company has already incurred losses crossing $25 billion this year.

The stocks of this company saw a fall this Wednesday at 6.9%. This quarter, there has been a decline in the growth rate of subscribers. With rivals in the market showing growth, Netflix has to look out for better methods to maintain its top position in the stock market.

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