Top penny stocks 2020 (CPWY), (RJDG),(TGODF), (PHGRF)

Penny stocks are the companies having no listing on the major stock exchanges and have stock value less than $1 a share. The companies listed on OTCBB or pink sheets don’t fulfill the basic requirements to up-list on the major stock exchanges. Some brokers are against the purchase of penny stocks as the stocks contain a lot of associated risks. However, there are a lot of people choosing these stocks with the motive of giving new companies a chance to grow and develop their own trading style. The low-priced stocks have the potential to move quickly towards the top and even fall to the bottom position. Most of the penny stocks are based on market exposure and awareness along with the financial statistics of the company.

Top Penny Stocks 2020

  1. Clean Energy Pathways Inc. (CPWY): This company focuses on the green energy solutions which are the need of the present world. There are efficient green energy solutions created with fossil fuel replacement, solar thermal water filters, and low carbon footprint fertilizer. The segment of the company is quite lucrative and worth a purchase for the present times. The price of the stocks is $0.021 at present and it is expected to grow up to a high percentage with the new products marketed in the green energy sector.
  2. RJD Green (RJDG): This company specializes in the green energy and healthcare segment and is expected to grow in high percentages with the market growth. This development stage company manages assets and companies and bringing the most required green environmental solutions. At present, the stocks are in the range of $0.0052 and it is quite probable to get increased prices with the new ventures floated by the company. The company has recently announced the agreement for purchasing the environmental consulting and engineering firm.
  3. Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd (TGODF): The company works for cannabis industry products and is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. There is a downfall in the stock trends which is an opportunity for the investors to take advantage and buy the stocks at lower prices. The company provides cannabis greenhouses with a competitive advantage to the companies planting hemp for medicinal or recreational use. In 2019, TGODF purchased a fully integrated cannabis company from Jamaica (Epican) and it focused on cultivating, extracting, manufacturing and distributing licenses for cannabis. The stock has 52-week high value of $7.89 and has a scope to grow with the upcoming legalization news and upgrades with cannabis.
  4. Premier Health Group Inc. (PHGRF): PHGRF works with its subsidiaries to operate the rehab facility in Santiago (Chile, the Dominican Republic). The company offers massage therapy, physiotherapy and work treatment for the patients recovering from minor to chronic problems. The company works for the infants and adults to help them in recovering from accidents, sports injuries, strokes, and other neurological issues. The stock is priced at $0.6715 at present and is expected to grow to a level of its one-year high value of $0.81. The company’s genre is the major advantage of bringing it towards the top level.
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