Marijuana penny stocks to buy (OTC: AMMJ), (OTC: CNXXF), (OTC: ALEAF), (OTC: IMLFF), (OTC: CBWTF), (OTC: MMNFF), (PLPRF), (OTC: MRMD)

Investment in marijuana gives a scope for the budding investors to grow their wallets and get money from the companies leading towards the newer trends of cannabis in the market. The legalization of marijuana in various US states has changed the opinion of the general public regarding marijuana and its usage. The social acceptability of this drug has created a profitable space for the people looking for its related stocks. It is not easy to argue for the growth rate of marijuana over the last few years. Penny stocks have seen the highest growth in recent history and there are least chances for this growth to recede in any way.

There are some prospective stocks to watch that have the potential to double or triple their value in 2019. The legalization and acceptance of these stocks will help in carrying forward the hype and making it an interesting subject for the investors to look for.

Why should you invest in marijuana penny stocks?

The opportunity floated by penny stocks for the investors is made as per the stocks which are expected to grow by the value of $21 billion by 2020. The process of selecting the best cannabis stocks for investment begins with doing some research from the present scenario for the scrumptious marketplace. Colorado was the first step for legalizing the recreational marijuana sales in 2016 and the value was more than $1 billion for the first time in the history of the United States.

Market experts have different opinions for going towards the best stocks to buy in the marijuana niche. The investors need to know that the marijuana market is a multi-billion-dollar segment that has not been seen in the stock market for many years. The projection of the marijuana sector is towards 35% by the year 2020 which is an incredible projection. The next decade has the projection of the marijuana market to climb higher than $50 billion.

The best marijuana stocks to buy now are:

  1. American Cannabis Company Inc. (OTC: AMMJ)

AMMJ is a consulting firm providing services for new entrepreneurs. They have experience in providing new marijuana companies to grow from the bottom level. American cannabis also renders services for branding, marketing and staffing the solutions for their customers. The company is positioned for gaining popularity to get positive gush for the marijuana market.

  • Cannex Capital Holdings (OTC: CNXXF)

CNXXF stock belongs to a cannabis-focusing company investing for cannabis growing facilities and cultivation. The company has a distribution facility in the state of Washington, DC. This stock has a volatile fragmentation in the marijuana market. The company started its operations with 4Front, Inc. and has planned to open more dispensaries in 2019. This would be a great opportunity for the investors to play for this stock in the marijuana penny stock market.

  • Aleafia Health (OTC: ALEAF)

ALEAF stock works for the construction for cannabis clinics operating under Canabo Medical Clinic brand. The company has made a move to get listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The company’s plans towards the acquisition of Emblem has made a great move in the clinical and the growth facilities. The company is capable of producing a 138K kg of annual cannabis. ALEAF has a good opportunity to grow an expand in the coming future.

  • InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC: IMLFF)

IMLFF stock is a drug development and commercialization company focusing on the medical usage of cannabinoids. They have a unique bio-informatics tool which can help in matching the rarely found cannabinoids which might play a role in the regulation of some chronic diseases. The three medical areas in which InMed is currently focusing on are Glaucoma, Pain program for joint and muscle disorders and Epidermolysis bullosa. With the therapeutic areas, InMed can get through its clinical trials with $15.5 M market potential. There has been researching being done for over 90 cannabinoids for various therapies.

  • Auxly Cannabis Group (OTC: CBWTF)

CBWTF Stock was a cannabis linked company providing the up-front capital for expanding the capacity to produce cannabis below the market rate. The reducing price of marijuana due to legalized recreational cannabis has made the company stay activated in the industry. They have expanded the wholly-grown farms, VAS, and downstream retail-focusing operations. The company is expanding its wholly-owned farms to expectedly produce 170K kg of cannabis in 2019-20.

  • MedMen Enterprises Inc. (OTC: MMNFF)

MMNFF stock is the vertically integrated cannabis company having 18 licensed facilities in California, Nevada and New York. The company works for cultivation, manufacture and retaining of cannabis. It raised $38 million from Captor Capital in February 2018 and with the reverse takeover, achieved $110 million. The company has attained over $150 million in growth capital raised until the present time. The company’s new results are expected to give growth towards higher levels. The cash flow in the quarterly results is expected to be on a much higher platform.

  • Plus Products Inc. (PLPRF)

PLPRF stocks belong to Plus Products Inc. which is the rapidly growing edibles producers in the wider marijuana market. The company has the best-selling records in the CA market. At present, PLPRF has a little market share outside the California region. There will be much higher opportunities in the expansion in the newer geographies. The company has the edible manufacturing capacity with $150 million revenues which will become thrice of its present value in the coming phases.

The edible market is by far the most striking spaces in the cannabis-related industry and the requirement of more oils and other concentrates will increase in the coming phases. The edible prices have been constant but have a probability to grow in the future.

  • MariMed Inc. (OTC: MRMD)

MRMD stocks belong to MariMed Inc. which provides the consultation services for designing, development, operation, optimization and funding of medical cannabis cultivation, growth, production and dispensing facilities. The company manages and develops for the cannabis-infused products under the brand name ‘Kalm Fusion’. Apart from the cultivation, production and dispensing facilities, the company offers legal, accounting, HR and other administrative companies in the growing cannabis sector.

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