Penny stocks list 2020 , (MCEP),(ARTX), (MCIG)

The potential to become rich means to begin your investments with small and new enterprises with big ideas to grow towards the larger spectrum. Many investors are willing to take a chance and invest their money in the hot penny stocks to achieve massive profits from small investment capital. The biggest example of the recent times is Booking Holdings Inc. which was traded for a dollar in 2001 and has achieved the value over $2100 in the previous year. There is no guarantee for the stocks to achieve this much success but there are some stocks which are expected to achieve outsized gains in various industries.

  • Mid-Con Energy Partners (MCEP)

MCEP is an upstream producer of oil and natural gas. It is an exploration company and has had great times when the oil prices were high. The revenue generation has become a struggle in the environment of low prices for the company. The company’s stocks were traded for $27 in 2013. The slump in the oil industry made the prices lower and at present, the stocks are traded at half a dollar price. The company’s financials are turning around. The revenues rose to $58.93 million in 2017 and the estimated revenues will be lower than $60 million for 2018-19.

Those estimates are for the company but the higher crude price factor remains unclear. The investors should consider this stock as speculative. The stock remained above $20 per share when the oil was traded over $100 per barrel. The oil price can have a great impact on the stock and it could return into 2013 levels to become the hot penny stock of the market.

  • Arotech Corporation (ARTX)

Arotech Corporation functions as a security and defense service company. The company operates in different countries in the world through its Power Systems division and other operations. The upper edge of the company lies in serving as a defense contractor and designing products for military and law enforcement services. The news of Trump’s commitment to increasing spending on defense has initiated for benefiting the company in the long run.

This stock is quite speculative as the company has struggled the growing revenues. The company’s profits are expected to grow in 2020 and it could enjoy some growth to speed up the slow growth trajectory.

  • mCig (MCIG)

mCig Inc. is a marijuana industry holding company. The company has transformed into a full-scale marijuana cultivation construction company. It operates Nevada, New York, and California. This is a speculative stock and the stock is enjoying the rise in profits and revenues. MCIG stocks have not traded above $1 per stock. The present market capitalization of the company of $80 million could rise to a higher level in the coming future. The company works in retail, online sales, and distribution for e-cigarettes. The CBD products, vaporizers, and cannabis supplies are the plus points for the company to consider as the legalization of cannabis have hugely given a positive impact on the associated organizations.

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