NXNN you were searching for some videos on XNXX and ended up finding a stock website


So you were searching for some videos and stumbled on a stock website. Don’t worry you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people make this mistake every month. Maybe it is a sign though…. Maybe it means you should look into making some money by investing in stocks.

NXNN is the stock ticker for the publicly traded company Nexeon Medsystems Inc. They are a company that is delinquent in their reporting to the SEC and we haven’t heard much from them. In July NXNN did a reverse split. The company has a low float but has a huge spread. Right now it isn’t seeing much action. It is one to keep an eye on and watch to see if they do update their SEC filings.

The thing about micro cap stocks is they can explode out of nowhere or they can crash and burn.

NXNN did file a 8k with OTC markets just a couple months back so it may be a sign that something may be coming.

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Update. NXNN stock hasn’t had much buying for awhile it is best to avoid right now.

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