4 Best Penny Stocks to Watch in June

Penny stock investing can often be a highly rewarding experience, considering the fact that these stocks can often generate oversized returns. That being said, these stocks are volatile in nature, and hence, it is advisable to do one’s research throughout before investing. Here is a quick look at four penny stocks that could be tracked by investors at this point in time.

Best Penny Stocks to Watch in June #1 Coeur Mining

One of the penny stocks that did particularly well in May was that of Coeur Mining (CDE), which rallied by as much as 37% last month. In May, it emerged that the company was working towards the reopening of its Palmarejo mine in Mexico, and that seemed to be the trigger for investors to pile on to the Coeur stock.

In April, the company had suspended operations at the mine in line with the directives of the Mexican government with regards to coronavirus crisis-related lockdowns. At the time, the stock had dipped considerably as investors sold off their positions. Investors could consider keeping track of the Coeur stock this week.

Best Penny Stocks to Watch in June #2 Atossa

Another penny stock that could be worth looking into at this point is that of Atossa (ATOS), which managed to make significant gains last week. Back on May 28, the company had announced that it started the development of its coronavirus treatment program AT 301. Additionally, Atossa is also interested in providing the program AT H201 for people who might need mechanical ventilation.

The company also revealed that it retained the services of Summit Bioscience, which is going to supply it with pre-filled nasal spray products with AT 301. The stock rallied by 45% last week.

Best Penny Stocks to Watch in June #3 Digirad Corporation

Digirad Corporation (DRAD) was another significant mover among penny stocks on Friday, and it is likely that it is going to be in focus among investors today. There was no specific news with regards to the company on Friday, but it should be noted that back on May 28, Digirad had announced that it was going to make a public offering.

The company had announced that it was going to make an underwritten public offering worth as much as $5 million. The stock soared by 32% on Friday.

Best Penny Stocks to Watch in June #4 Inpixon

Inpixon (INPX) came into prominence among investors this past Friday after the company’s Chief Executive Officer Nadir Ali revealed some positive information. During an interview with USA Today, Ali said that the data intelligence company is currently working with hotels as well as cruise lines with regards to customer safety measures. After the interview, the stock soared and recorded gains of as much as 25%.

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