Trade Zero is an online brokerage company having its headquarters in Nassau, Bahamas. The company focuses on providing the broker services to the active traders looking for paying cheap brokerage commissions. The companies in the US have to comply with the SEC regulations and the ones outside the US region doesn’t have such restrictions. There are many requirements to fulfill for the day traders in the states.

TradeZero will always fit your trading needs and enable you to get Direct Market Access with the free stock trading software. It is the best online free stock trading software. There are four applications with which the TradeZero software works in the most appropriate way: ZeroPro, ZeroWeb, ZeroFree, and ZeroMobile. The free demos for each of them is available online with the illustration of different available features.

ZEROPRO: This provides the speed and all the other important features needed in the online stock trading software. It delivers the stock charts, dynamic streaming quotations and many other features required by the analysts. All windows have different layouts and could be customized as per the need of the analyst. This is the best option if you’re looking for a powerful trading system with rich features.

ZEROWEB: It is the user-friendly and free online stock trading software including many features like ZeroPro. It is a good choice for beginners or even active-traders. It helps in getting real-time charts, top lists, latest news, indicators and much more.

ZEROFREE: This is a completely free real-time browser-based trading system designed for MAC and Windows platform. It is built for the beginners and even for the active traders. There is real-time data included for the major stock exchanges like NASDAQ, Amex, and NYSE. Apart from the normal features, there are different options and add-on features which could be included with it. Some trading data even includes OTCBB Level 1 and 2.

ZEROMOBILE: It is the most dynamic option for trading stocks wherever you go. There are direct short cuts and trading data available anytime with you on the mobile. The account portfolio can be accessed and the mobile application links all the three apps for the best working (ZeroPro, ZeroWeb & ZeroFree).

There are some different choices with the main platforms and the stock analysts at different levels can use them as per the market structure. Getting free stock trades is very easy with TradeZero. The stocks must be greater than $1 and the order limit is 200 shares for an appropriate match.

The web-based platforms include standard features which could be included on any connected device, such as computers, tabs, laptops or even smartphones. There is direct market access and hotkey capabilities being the most important things to consider for the active traders. ZeroPro is considered to be the most powerful option having rich graphics and better user-friendliness. You can check out the demonstrations and find out the most suitable option as per your trading needs.