Comcast Corporation Stock: Is it a Profitable Investment Right Now?

Comcast is the largest cable television company established in the United States. Comcast is also the owner of Sky (based in the United Kingdom) and of NBCUniversal. The main source of growth and success of the company is the provision of internet services (high-speed) to businesses and homes. The company had to suffer as well because now, people are resorting to the online streaming mode of entertainment over the system of cable televisions. This is going to decline in the future as well. The buyers and subscribers count has therefore lessened over the past year.

Comcast’s Recovery

On one hand, Comcast is losing its cable TV customers due to the customers opting for online streaming platforms and its voice customers are also lessening but on the other hand, its high-speed internet provider service is now the major source from where the company is earning and progressing.

The company is trying to hold on to its position but it is in a difficult situation and this is because of the tough competition that it is facing right now. Even in the case of internet service providers, Comcast offers cable provision whereas companies like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile provide wireless services which hold an upper hand over cable services. The upcoming time is of more and more advancement and the customers would prefer the new technology over the older one always.

Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCSA): Latest Statistical Summary

  • 52 Week Range:  $31.71 – $55.71
  • Average Volume:  17,648,645
  • Market Capital:  $254.675B
  • Forward Dividend and Yield:  1.00 (1.82%)

Fourth Quarter Earnings of Comcast Corporation

In the case of the fourth-quarter earnings of Comcast Corporation, the net income of the company raised by 6.9% and was $3.4 billion while the revenue for this quarter lessened by 2.4% and came out to be $27.7 billion. There was also a reduction in the adjusted net income of the company which was reduced to $2.6 billion (a decrease by 28.5%).

Is Comcast a Buy Now Stock?

Comcast is currently in such a situation where it is losing its customers and in the field of internet provision, it has lots of competitors. Overall, it is surrounded by various competitors in the industry. The online streaming taking over cable TV and the wireless internet services taking over the cable internet services are both major threats to the progress of the company. The development of Comcast is getting hampered and this is why it is not a buy-now stock at all.

If compared, the investors can find and go for investment in other stocks of a similar kind which will bear better and reliable profits. The company’s progress needs to be observed well with a keen eye. If shortly, the company grows well, then it might become profitable and then the investors can think about investing in the company but till then, an investment in Comcast does not seem like a profitable investment.

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