Is Johnson & Johnson a good buy?

Johnson & Johnson is a well-established and consistently growing firm for the past so many years. It has given numerous reliable medicines and medical equipment to the world. Also, its stock is a dividend stock and the dividend has always shown an increase which eliminates it from the category of risky dividend stocks.

Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine against the Novel Corona Virus

The company is also all set to supply 100 million doses of its vaccine against the novel coronavirus in the United States (in the first half of this year). Also, in one whole year, the firm can get 1 billion vaccines ready. The vaccines developed by Moderna, Pfizer (along with its partner BioNTech), and Novavax have claimed more effective as compared to the vaccine that Johnson & Johnson has developed.

Johnson & Johnson and its Reliability

Johnson & Johnson has always given the best to its consumers and never let its quality degrade. This makes it a highly reliable stock to invest in. Moreover, the company has not failed its investors when it comes to the dividend and that is why hardly any risk is there in investing here.

The supply of the vaccine of the company is however less and that is a little problem. This factor might slightly alter the stock but the company stands strong otherwise.

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ)

  • 52 Week Range:  $109.16 – $173.65
  • Average Volume:  8,122,719
  • Market Capital:  $436.107B
  • Forward Dividend and Yield:  4.04 (2.45%)

Right Time to Make an Investment in Johnson & Johnson

If one invests in Johnson & Johnson, then one thing is for sure that the investor will not have to suffer losses. However, the amount of profit may vary. The best part is that the money does not go down. The company is prospering and active and always strives to give the best. Investors can go for investment without the fear of losing their money. In the highly volatile sector of the stock market, it is hard to find a stable company and Johnson & Johnson is one of them.

On the other hand, one more perspective comes into play in this case. If the investors want high profits, then they can look out for some other firms. Also, the shareholders can wait for some time before investing so that the performance of this company in the case of the coronavirus vaccine becomes clear and then, if it turns out to be positive enough, the investors can invest here.

Overall, in the case of Johnson & Johnson, the investors can take any decision and remain free. Buyers wanting high profits can also explore more options or wait for the results of this company while a secure investment of money for the long-term can be always made in this firm. The analysts also have various reviews and analyses over the same.

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