Moderna Stock: A Promising Choice for Investment or not?

Moderna’s vaccine against the novel coronavirus has recently received approval and now can be given to adults. The vaccine has also got approval in Canada and the United Kingdom. The company has reserved an adequate number of doses for distribution in various countries where its vaccine has got the final approval.

In the United States, the company has agreed to supply 200 million doses of the vaccine and can even supply to the limit of 300 million more if required. Canada has purchased 40 million doses of the vaccine, the United Kingdom will get 7 million doses, the European Commission will be supplied with 80 million doses, and Switzerland, Japan, and the Government of Israel have secured 7.5 million, 50 million, and 6 million doses of the vaccine respectively. Some other nations such as Singapore and Qatar have also signed deals for the supply of the vaccine with Moderna.

The New Strain of the Corona Virus and its Effect

In the United Kingdom, cases of the new strain of the coronavirus have come out and as per the scientists; this variant is deadlier than the actual coronavirus. Therefore, the vaccines of the companies who have received approval will have to check whether their vaccines work as effectively against this stronger new strain of the virus or not. Although Moderna claims that its technology would be effective against the new strain, yet the doctors and scientists will take time to figure out its effectiveness against the disease.

Also, the stocks of these vaccine companies went a little down after the discovery of this virus. The companies are somehow sure that their vaccines will be able to combat the disease which again led to a rise in the stocks of these companies. Moderna is one of them and in the past few days, the company has suffered some ups and downs. However, no one can be completely sure of the fact that what the future will hold for this company and will it be successful in its trial.

Investment in Moderna Stock (NASDAQ: MRNA)

  • 52 Week Range:  $17.68 – $178.50
  • Average Volume:  19,641,276
  • Market Capital:  $51.577B
  • Forward Dividend and Yield:  N/A (N/A)

As per the analysts, Moderna has not shown very positive growth even in the past few years and has hardly remained profitable. This coronavirus vaccine formulated with the mRNA technique is its first approved vaccine which will now be used commercially as well. Therefore, there might be chances that the company will gain some profits from the same.

Moderna, as of now, is not a very good choice for investing money. It has chances of becoming profitable in the future if its vaccine succeeds. If one considers the records of Moderna, which do not look lucrative, then the investment would look risky but if one is confident about the future of the company, then an investment might bring in profits as well. The stock market is a volatile sector and therefore, an investment must be made after considering all the aspects of a stock.

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