Carnival Corporation: Better Times Ahead?

The time of the coronavirus pandemic has been a very hard time for many companies. Similarly, tourism and travel-related firms had to suffer a lot and are still covering up their losses. The world-famous cruise company Carnival Corporation also had to suffer the same plight because, for a few months, travel was almost barred. Now, almost every sector is slowly being unlocked and hence, better times are expected in the future.

Via the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), from November 1, the cruises could operate with all the safety measures and protocols being strictly followed. This has come up as good news for the company. Even though things would not go back to normal so soon but at least the work has resumed. The prices have also been lowered. The company is in hope of earning better revenues for the next quarter.

The present statistics of Carnival Corporation (NYSE: CCL) are stated below:

  • 52 Week Range:  $7.80 – $51.94
  • Average Volume:  37,802,296
  • Market Capital:  $12.266B

What should the investors do?

There are high chances that with time, the company will settle and bring profits to its investors but patience is required. Investors have to patiently wait because immediate profits cannot be expected. Also, how will the tables unfold in the case of Covid-19, whether the cases will eventually subside or still, an even darker side of the pandemic is left?

There is no definite answer to this question. Due to this, the prices have been lowered and are even lower than the prices before the coronavirus pandemic. Although according to the general trend, the prices tend to go higher each passing year this unexpected pandemic changed everything.

If Covid-19 vanishes quickly, then the company would also recover easily but if not, then the shareholders have to wait. Nevertheless, a long time investment is not a bad option. The company, however, is very positive about the resuming of the cruise and hopes to earn better and cope with the losses incurred.

The main reason for this is that the company has received a hefty amount of booing for the later part of the next year, i.e. 2021. The company has a better regional or local approach and hence, this is also a reason that there are chances it will perform better. Both the airlines and the sea travel business was badly stuck up during the recent time but now it looks like the local cruise business will recover at a better pace than the airlines, especially, the international airlines.

These causes signify that in no case, an investment in Carnival Corporation would turn out to be a deal of loss. The company is very sure to attain back its position and gain profits. Therefore, investors can certainly think of investing in this firm. However, since the pandemic was uncertain, similarly, the future time is also doubtful. Therefore, an investor must make this choice at his/her own risk because even if the company assures profit, there is no hard and fast rule that it will happen.

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