what stock should you Invest in Amazon or Walt Disney?

The Corona Virus pandemic has brought about a drastic change in the stock market. While so many companies got immensely affected by this outbreak, some firms were resistant and sustained well in the stock market even in this crucial time. This pandemic, however, increased the volatility of the already volatile stock market.

Two such world-renowned companies retained themselves well during this Covid-19 pandemic. These two firms could keep up their position owing to these being solid digital giants. Let us discuss, which one among these two is a better choice to invest the money in right now, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) or Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS).

Current Statistical Analysis of Amazon and Walt Disney


  • 52 Week Range:  1,626.03 – 3,552.25
  • Average Volume:  4,945,587
  • Market Capital:  $1.632T

Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS)

  • 52 Week Range:  79.07 – 153.41 
  • Average Volume:  10,255,110
  • Market Capital:  $227.405B

Performance Analysis: Amazon v/s Disney

While Amazon is a major e-commerce giant, Disney is a major powerhouse of the entertainment industry around the world. While during the pre-pandemic time, Disney bought at a wholesome price of $4 billion each, Marvel and Lucasfilm. The major income of Disney comes from movies, television shows, toys, theme park rides, etc. The income from theme parks did reduce during the pandemic and even the post-pandemic scenario would not bring in as many earnings as it used to earlier. This is because of the limited accommodation allowed at such places now. The Disney+ platform has gained immense popularity since it came into existence and has a total of 60.5 paying subscribers.

When we talk about Amazon, its business is more widespread and it even offers tough competition to Disney in the entertainment industry. Amazon Prime has 150 million subscribers and the number indicates that it is way greater than those of Disney. Amazon is also a ruler when it comes to cloud computing. With its wings spread in the e-commerce business, cloud computing, and the entertainment industry also, it becomes a better choice for investing.

Both these companies are profitable investments and Disney is good enough if an investor is looking for long-term investment but Amazon emerges out to be the better one for buying now. One major reason for this is that when during the Corona Virus Pandemic, many major stock market giants suffered losses; Amazon has seen growth in both its sales and income. Many companies were forced to reduce their workforce including Disney, while Amazon’s workforce increased as it has added a lot of jobs.

Before investing, every investor must keep in mind their time of investment, budget, and the volatility of the stock market. While comparing Amazon and Disney, we see that although Amazon emerges as the better buy, Disney is more reasonably priced. Therefore, analysis varies from investor to investor. The major analysis puts Amazon in the spotlight because of the chief achievements it attained over other companies.

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