ATTBF is it a scam? Our opinion on Abattis Bioceuticals Corp


Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. (ATTBF)

Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. (ATTBF) specializes biotechnology it is a company that is fully involved in the botanical drug development industry. It develops and licenses medicines, natural health products, extractions, and ingredients for the biologics, nutraceutical, bioceutical, and cosmetic markets.

The Pros

I like that Abattis is an innovation consolidator. There is a genuine business opportunity by that the company can acquire other companies to expand its presence. One of the greatest challenges for the marijuana business is that specialists are the small producers. Therefore, expanding business through acquisitions is a good strategy. ATTBF has become a popular marijuana stocks and has been receiving a lot of attention.

Abattis Bioceuticals is in position to wind up a pioneer in the developing, testing, and circulation of therapeutic and grown-up use cannabis in North America.

Abattis completed a US$25 million equity line agreement with Dutchess Opportunity Fund. It has agreed to file a registration statement with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission covering the Abattis shares that may be issued to Dutchess under this financing.

Overall, it appears that Abattis has a strong liquidity position and the company is in a position to support its expansion strategies. Enhancing liquidity situation through equity offerings is a good strategy for any company in its early stages.

The Cons

ATTBF started 2018 looking like it was about to take off. It reached a high of almost .75 a share.  Unfortunately, since then it has been on a downtrend.  It is down almost 90% from its high. One of the risk of investing in penny stocks is the company are still unproven.

We wanted to dig a little deeper and see if we could figure out why it is having a sell-off.

The first red flag we have is that was compensated 175K for a weekly promotion of ATTBF. This has been going on for a while now.  Looking through ATTBF’s Filings we can see that they took out a lot of toxic debt and notes. These notes converted into common shares at an extreme discount. This is very concerning.  IS ATTBF more interested in creating a profitable company that shareholders can make money with or is it more interested in taking out loans pocketing the money and having the shareholders suffer because of it?

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