Latest Penny Stock Companies to Consider IRBT, BLNK, and NEXT.

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Penny stocks are fascinating for the stock lovers and it is an anticipation that they make you get rich quick. It is not always the case because there could be many cases in which people lose their money by getting associated with high-risk stocks.

Penny stocks must be highly rewarding and with the least risks to get the most promising results. The hardest part is to find out the best stocks from a bunch of thousands of stocks available on different stock exchanges.

The latest penny stock companies to consider are enlisted below. Don’t think about minor risks as holding them would find big reward potential for future. These stocks are listed on the major stock exchanges and hence, there would be fewer chances for the companies to go off or get bankrupted.


The company had negative start of 2019. There were drops for this robotic vacuum manufacturing company and investors took it as a chance to grow their money. The economic conditions of iRobot won’t have an impact on their business ethics and modules.

The quarter one earnings of the company presented in April 2019 were quite discouraging. The projections of the teams are higher and the management is rock solid which stated that the downfall might be due to the internal projections. The investors thought that the earning capacity shouldn’t be confused with the quarterly results as this short-term downfall might not have a big impact on the company’s better leads.

In the month of July, the earnings of quarter 2 didn’t fulfill the expectations of the predictors. However, the management assured that their internal business projections were met. There has been a lot of mess in the trade war running with China. The political pressures are unpredictable to settle but it is the right time to look up to the stocks and take a decision in finalizing your investments for a better move.

NextDecade (NASDAQ: NEXT)

This company deals with Liquified Natural Gas which was not considered to be a hot segment to move. Most of the gases produced in the US were used as refined petroleum products or as a home heating fuel. The natural gas production has become higher by the need of exporting it for domestic usage. The gas needs transportation, liquefaction, and loading at the export terminal.

NextDecade is an LNG company having planning to build pipelines in Texas by purchasing cheap gas from the Permian Basin which is the major hub of natural gas. The proposal of the pipeline is to serve the far-off places which would be a great plus for the LNG segment companies like NextDecade. The company’s stock price has crossed $5 level but still, there are some points to consider for the investors looking for this stock.

The major point is that nothing has started from the company’s end yet. The builder is lined up but there is approval for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the final decision. When the company will get the required approvals, the secured partners and project payment can be released for a positive outlook. There is a long way for the listing of LNG shipment and the cash flow for investors could be achieved after a long time. The people who are in a hurry to get returns should not purchase this stock. Buy today before some stocks are resolved and there will be a big payout achieved if the things go in the right direction.

Blink Charging Co (NASDAQ: BLNK)

Blink Charging Co. owns, works for operations and marketing of EV charging equipment and the associated services. Electric Vehicles charging equipment enables the drivers to easily recharge their vehicles at different locations. The company has its personalized cloud software working for operating and keeping a track of the EV charging stations of the electronic vehicles.

There is a strategic partnership of the company across destinations, such as airports, hotels, healthcare facilities, municipal locations, residential places, hotels, municipal locations, parks, retail shops, restaurants, stadiums, universities, transportation hubs, and various workplaces. The company performs its operations through reseller partners.

BLNK stock has a price of about $2.5 per stock. This is a penny stock to watch as the stocks have climbed up to a level of more than 60% of its value. The company has released many positive press releases for its expansion in Greece and Israel. There has been no news actual news for it but it is expected that the share prices will go up over 10% from the previous quarter.

Blink Charging is a long-term stock to hold and the investors need to keep patience for getting the improvement in the company’s position. The policies are quite balanced and the company has recently announced to make entrance into the agreement with ElectroChile for bringing the EV stations to Chile. The agreement gives a way to revolutionize public transport with the first fleet of 100 electric buses.


Penny stocks might pay off many times but most often, you’ll see that people lose their money by investing in the low-priced stocks. The risk-tolerant investors are looking for ways to administer new companies and invest in them. The above-mentioned companies have a scope of excelling in penny stock investments and there is a bigger aim at achieving a higher position.

The stocks listed on NASDAQ and other major stock exchanges have better opportunities for growth than the pink sheet or OTCBB stocks. The investments in penny stocks should be well-informed by the investor’s end. It is important to find out the companies to invest in and then do full research on the web regarding the company policies and business ideas. You can check various resources online and do enough homework to get the appropriate response from your investments.

There is a lot of competition in the stock market analysis and finding the right sources to get information is very important. Don’t just fall into the trap of advertisements and find out the appropriate information to get the most rewarding results for your investments.

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