ARSN Recovers Smartly, Shows Growth Promise

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Aureus Inc (OTCMKTS: ARSN) has started rising handsomely on the back of some expansion news from the company. That makes it a promising stock for 2020.

Although the stock has been showing negative growth for the last one year, recently, the company’s expansion plans and fundraising activities have got the investors at tension and the stock has been rapidly rising this month.

Looking at the performance of ARSN; the stock has shown a negative growth of -33.33% in the last one year. In the last 3 months also the stock declined -16.67%. But in the last one month, the stock has zoomed up by 57.89%. In the last 5 days also, the stock continued to rise and ended with gains of 11.11%.

Aureus Incorporated is emerging as a leader in the food brand industry. It owns the Yuengling’s Ice Cream brand, all its intellectual property as well as its distribution rights at specific retail locations. The company is actively looking to raise $5-$6m funding in equity for the expansion plans of Yuengling’s brand. This funding will also be used to complete an acquisition process that the company has long been working on. For this purpose, the company has recently entered into an agreement with Waterside Capital Advisors, Inc. Waterside has considerable experience in venture capital markets. Its chief, Billy Hayde, also has strong connections with the food and beverage industry. He will be assisting Aureus in raising the required equity funding. In a related development, Aureus has also signed Hanover International, work as its capital markets Advisors. Hanover has a big pool of capital markets expertise, which will be of great help to Aureus In its efforts to raise venture capital.

 The ARSN stock has started going up quickly as the significant development indicates that the company will be expanding its businesses in a big way. For investors and traders, it was a wonderful opportunity to buy the stock when it was declining and wait for it to rise further in 2020.

The company has a market cap of $885.15K. Its shares outstanding are 126.45M and the Public Float is 116.33M. The company’s revenue per employee is not available. Looking at the company’s shareholding pattern, 71.17% of shares are held by all insider.

The company’s management has recently been reformatted. And now it is aggressively looking for raising capital funding and preparing expansion plans. It is focusing on acquiring specialized assets that are related to the food industry; particularly ice cream. The company already owns a successful brand Yuengling’s Ice Cream, and now it is trying to expand its reach within the food industry to provide support to its already established ice cream brand.

With this aggressive expansion approach, the stock has started gaining traction in the market. it has just recovered from the low levels and the jump in its price has been sudden and positive, which will attract investors and traders in the near future. This stock could make the list of rising stars in 2020. ff