RushNet Inc  Ticker Symbol: RSHN

RushNet, Inc. is a beverage products company marketing its products in the United States and Canada. The company offers natural soda beverages and cane-sugar sweetened beverages with the trade names Rush Herbal Cola, Ginseng Rush XXX and Ginseng Rush. The company also manufactures the electrolyte water with the name e-Water. The products of the company are sold online and in the retail stores. The former name of the company was V-Net Beverage, Inc. and its name changed to RushNet, Inc. in the month of July 2005.

The headquarters of the company is located in Blue Island, Illinois. The 52-week high/ low prices of the stock RSHN are $ 0.00090 / $0.00060. The stocks are projected to hit upper levels in the upcoming phases. There were high values noted in the month of January and the trading volume also got high. There were many stocks exchanged within a short duration of time. The company is transforming its businesses and spreading the product line to all the parts of the US and Canada, there are more investments required by the management to make the right decisions. The stock price will run with the higher advantages to the company and there will be better ROI anticipated for the stockholders. Market participants are considering it to be a great prospect for future because of the new updates introduced by the company.

There are some important changes in the management and headquarters anticipated for RHSN. The company has been profiting from the flourishing business and there are many rumors associated with the company. The trading philosophy of the company had never been so fierce and at present, there are many positive aspects anticipated by the stock analysts for RHSN. The restructuring process will definitely bring a positive factor for the company. The short positions have transformed with the changes in the business model. The market capitalization of the company needs improvement. There will be a need for the management to reveal the financial statements with detailed descriptions. The position of the stocks will become positive only with the adequate sharing of the revenues and increase in market cap.

The headquarters will change and it will make the trading exchanges to get noticed. There are many shareholders trusting the company and the increased number will change the trends and the stock prices will probably go towards higher side. RHSN will probably get a better scope in the upcoming times and there will be transitional news soon delivered to the stockholders. The restructuring and regulatory services are highly apprehended in the market and the new policies will help the companies to reach its potential. The small tweaks for complete overhaul towards a better scope. The company’s new range of products and supply of the existing products in all parts of the US and Canada will surely deliver the custom solutions suiting the needs of every client in the appropriate way. The company began in 1999 and has been providing the amazing products liked by many people throughout the American Nations.

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