NWBO – Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc.

Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc. is a cancer vaccination producing company having its headquarters in Maryland, United States. The company has been working since 1996 and develops the medications for a broader range of solid tumor cancers by leaving the hard side-effects of chemotherapy.  The personalized vaccination of the company is aimed at providing an effective and cost-efficient method for the treatment of cancer.

The company has a 52-week stock range of $0.14-0.40. It basically focuses on the research and development of the most effective medicines for most lethal forms of cancer. DCVax-L is on trial for the patients having GBM (Glioblastoma Multiforme) which is a worse form of brain cancer. DCVax-Direct is under trial for inoperable solid tumor cancers (all categories). This drug is also getting trials for late-stage ovarian cancer cases. DCVax-Prostrate is another drug which has received clearance from FDA for the treatment of late-stage prostate cancer cases.

The company has a Market Capital of $111.86 M and works with the DCVax technology involving the process of injecting cancer patients with the dendritic cells containing a high number of the same antigens which are found in the tumor cells. This is to alert these antigens to make an attack on cancer and the injected cells. The concept behind dendritic cells for cancer treatment is highly promising and the need of the medical industry is to replace the chemotherapy treatment with some other source which can be a better option in the terms of cost and effectiveness on the body.

The main principle behind DCVax line of products is that if one injects a large number of dendritic cells having mutant proteins matching with cancerous cells, these cells will tend to excite through B- cells and T- cells to defense cancer in its own way. Northwest makes reliability on the contract manufacturing unit ‘Cognate Bioservices’ for conducting the successful clinical trials. Cognate has a long-term relationship which began in 2006 and extended till Q1 2016. The activities of clinical trials and activities have increased subsequently and it had led to the increasing reliance on the other groups for making the adequate agreement with Cognate.

Linda F. Powers is the present CEO of Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc. and has served as a chairperson since May 2007. She has a great experience in corporate mergers, finances, and joint venture acquisitions and has done many great moves for the company’s benefits. The other hands in the management team are quite efficient in handling the biotherapeutics operations in the best way. The team of leading scientists and medical experts will lay this company’s position towards a higher level and it is anticipated that the company’s growth will gain positive signals with the passage of time.

Investors are making positive moves for Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc. for the main reason of its motive in bringing the concept of dendritic cells in the cancer treatment. It is projected that the company will have a very stable position in the upcoming years. The stock prices will boom with time.

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