Endonovo Therapeutics Inc. (ENDV)

Endonovo Therapeutics Inc. is a biotechnology based company aiming at development of bio-electronic approach for regenerative medication. The company has a market capitalization of $5.85M and aims at recollecting higher volumes of stocks to produce better results.

Endonovo’s Immunotronics is their platform to prevent/treat the vital organ failure with regeneration procedures. It performs the expansion and manipulation of cells for cell therapies and tissue engineering. The device is non implantable and non invasive.

Endonovo’s Cytotronics platform uses bioelectric technology for creating the cell therapies and producing fully human bio-molecules for growth factors. The technology is bio-electronic in nature as it makes the use of EM pulses for delivering electrical stimulation through inductive coupling in the nervous system and cells. It is indeed the unique approach for doing treatment for acute inflammation. There are studies made to target inflammatory conditions with exclusive treatment for liver inflammation.

The two platforms are highly successful in creating biologically potent cell therapies. The volume of stocks traded is 12,426,195. The prices have risen in the present scenario, which gives a positive outlook for the company’s growth. The technologies used for the rare complications are also undertaken in the best way for bone marrow and cord blood transplant cases. There can be damage made to skin, liver and gastrointestinal tract can be done with acute GvHD. The aim of the company is to save lives by prevention and treatment of vital organ failure with non invasive bio-electronic medication.

The headquarters of the company are in California, the United States. Endonovo Therapeutics has been revolutionizing the field of regenerative medicine for many years. There is improvement in non implantable and non invasive bio-electronics having capability to prevent organ failure. There is manipulation of body cells done with the usage of stimulated gravity and Electromagnetic Fields. These techniques were primarily discovered and used by NASA.

There is no signal of slow down. There are fluctuations in the market from time to time and biotech experts are doing their best to make R & D for producing the best bio-electronic solutions to acute diseases. If you are looking for the best opportunities to invest in penny stocks, Endonovo provides the best solutions for meeting the challenges of diseases. Trusting medical solutions with technological involvement will always be a best deal. If you’ve got some extra capital and look out for investment, it will be a good option for you.

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