BTLLF Stock-BTL Group Ltd. 

BTL Group Ltd. is a technology company focusing on the development of Blockchain technologies in different industries and businesses. There is secured platform created for allowing the enterprises for building the applications related to the settlement, trading, back-office, and auditing of the companies. The technology platform has the secured blockchain technology creation with the variable settlement solutions to render the services to Canada and the UK to target countries.

Despite some draw backs it does seem like BTLLF is trying to grow and be a big part of the new growing technology. We have a page dedicated to bitcoin and crypto stocks. Should we add BLTTF?

BTL Group Ltd. is based in Vancouver, Canada. The market capitalization of the company is $159.629M. The 52-week range of BTL is $2.79 – 18.90. Recently, the company has announced that Interbit is the next generation blockchain platform and is available for feedback and testing. It is a platform for better scalability and secured environment using the coding language of Javascript. There is data privacy ensured for the multiple blockchains which will make the system faster and flexible.

Blockchain technology has failed to scale on the demand and can’t provide the highest level of security. The present focus is to ensure privacy and bring Interbit to the market with the best achievement in the technological segment. The blockchain-based cross-border settlement is the first of its kind and its exploration is to get the smartest contracts with blockchain technology. The eligible participants get the knowledge and experience for assessing the benefits of transformative technologies and the financial services on their whole. The creation of Interbit is a great move from BTL and it is anticipated that there will be high data integrity and privacy assured with this new venture.

The goal of BTL is to become professional-grade blockchain developers among business leaders, developers, application designers and solution architects. There are best blockchain-based applications created as per the requirements of industries. The head office of the company is in Vancouver with the other offices in Calgary and London. BTL has proven itself as the best lead in blockchain ecosystem providing knowledge and best advice to the industry leaders.

Management of the company:

Mr. Dominic McCann: CEO cum Director

Mr. Scott Maxwell: Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Tom Thompson: Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Robert Suttie: Chief Financial Officer

The key management of the company is highly knowledgeable and expert in their personalized streams. The next-gen blockchain platforms are focused on giving the most reliable data integrity, privacy and security.

In the world of blockchains, privacy is not about encryption alone. Data needs to be available to the users who are allowed to see it. Every business requires scalable platforms and Interbit helps in building it to the scale. It doesn’t require learning new programming languages or attain in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology.

There are smart contracts allowing the developers to incorporate the appropriate enterprise applications. There are smart contracts and API suites for the developers to get the best blockchain concepts for applications. This concept is becoming very popular with its huge demands. There is a huge scope for the investors in this segment and BTL will probably turn out to be lucrative for the investors trusting blockchain technology.

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