Is Pfizer Stock a Buy Right Now?

Pfizer stock surged very high when it announced its coronavirus vaccine along with its partner BioNTech. The company’s stock had attained a great value and became a prospective stock as well.

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE)

  • 52 Week Range:  $26.45 – $43.08
  • Average Volume:  39,909,840
  • Market Capital:  $191.815B
  • Forward Dividend and Yield:  1.56 (4.54%)


For the fourth-quarter earnings, the adjusted EPS of the firm came out to be 42 cents whereas it was estimated to come out 48 cents. The revenue was estimated to come out to be $11.43 billion whereas it came out to be $11.68 billion i.e., better than it was estimated. Therefore, overall, the company has had a good performance in the case of its earnings and therefore, the analysts and investors are hopeful of this company.

Pfizer’s Future

Now that the company’s vaccine has got approval, what will happen in the future? This vaccine has somewhat opened the doors for the company’s other drugs and vaccines. Pfizer is currently amongst the best and leading pharmaceutical companies in the world. It is also giving a good dividend and yield. The analysts are therefore highly positive about the future of this stock.

The upcoming drugs and vaccines of the company have better prospects of attaining approval and authorization now and growing well. The future of the company is seemingly good as of now and the firm has very high chances of being profitable for the investors who put their money in the stock. Pfizer is a good stock for a long-term investment because the company has a higher probability of growing well at a consistent pace in the future.

Pfizer Stock: How Sure and Reliable is an Investment in This Company?

The company is quite reliable in terms of investment right now and is safe for holding its stock for even a longer period. The company will prospectively grow well in the future ahead. The investors can rely on this firm for investing and Pfizer has a bright future ahead. The company has some drugs lined up which might become successful in the future.

Therefore, the investors can add this stock to their collection and depend on it for the incoming profits. Another plus point of this firm is that it is moderately priced and is very affordable. An affordable stock that comes with-profits is a preferable investment. The coronavirus pandemic has given a major boost to the company and now it has a very bright future ahead.

The vaccine partner of Pfizer i.e. BioNTech is also progressing well and has benefitted from the vaccine. Pfizer is a greater firm in that case and definitely will bear good fruit. The healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are currently doing well because of the pandemic and the investors should choose the best firm out of these for investing.

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