Aurora Cannabis and Canopy Growth: A Struggle for Profit

When it comes to the Canadian Marijuana Stock Market, Aurora Cannabis and Canopy Growth are the two major stock companies. The coronavirus pandemic has brought about a tough time for both these companies. The profit ratio has remained quite low recently. As of now, it is important to figure out whether the companies will benefit in the upcoming time or not.

Aurora Cannabis versus Canopy Growth

As per the current scenario, the stocks of Canopy Growth are doing better than those of Aurora Cannabis. Both these firms are cutting down the costs and expenses to deal with their losses and gradually move towards progress. Aurora has also decided to lessen its production staff by 30%. Well, to attain profit, just the cutting down of expenses is not completely sufficient. International hemp CBD markets, Canadian recreational marijuana, and international medical cannabis for its path towards better revenue in the future.

Canopy Growth had also resorted to the method of reducing its staff for better results. If the federal government of the United States takes a step in the direction of making marijuana legal, then better days for Canopy Growth would be on the way. It could give fair gains to the ones who will invest and the company will personally profit from the same. Even though the situation in such a case is not as easy for Aurora Cannabis, but still, it would be helpful for this company too.

This Thursday, however, brought some good news for both these companies since their stocks showed a rise. Aurora Cannabis stocks rose by 10.6% and Canopy Growth’s stock ascended by 13.6%. After a wholesome long period of losses, this might have been a relief but this cannot assure what the situation will be in the future.

Aurora Cannabis or Canopy Growth?

The declining position of Aurora Cannabis has made Canopy Growth a currently popular choice amongst the investors. This shows that Aurora needs to come back on the track of profit for smooth sailing in the stock market. Canopy Growth is still holding a fine position for itself in the market.

There are hopes that the way Aurora is minimizing its expenses and resorting towards various methods, the company might soon start making profits again and regain its solid position in the stock market. There is also a need that Canopy Growth spreads its wings in Canada and expands globally too. This is a time-consuming task but has great prospects of growth.

The Corona Virus pandemic has undoubtedly brought about a downfall for various stock companies and the post-COVID period will show whether these companies get back on their track or suffer more losses. The private sector has been badly affected and now, it is high time for the companies to re-establish their position. The companies are using various methods like staff reduction and reducing the expenditures for the same. The cannabis industry is a major industry and the topmost firms need to secure back their place in this sector.

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