Penny Pot Stocks to Buy (NYSE: ACB), (OTCQX: CBWTF), (OTCMKTS: DPWW)

The legalization of the marijuana industry has given it great fame. People are becoming exceedingly interested in buying pot stocks in the present times. Many low-profile companies have attained good recognition after doing great deals of business. These companies are currently providing penny stocks at a very reasonable price.

Pot penny stocks are trendy after the legalization of cannabis in various parts of the US and Canada. The legalization does not make the cannabis industry fully risk free. Stock aspirants always have to jeopardize to some extent while putting their money in penny stocks. Marijuana industry always remains speculative and under-risk. The most successful companies in this field are the ones who maintain consistent and rational prices throughout.

Here is a list of some companies having the best scope for pot stocks:


Aurora Cannabis is a company which deals in the production and manufacturing of medical cannabis. Its business includes cultivation, breeding, marketing and wholesale of its products. The company has its centers spread across various places. This company was established in 2006 with its headquarters in Edmonton, Canada. As of now, its gross income is C$-54 million. The 52-week range of this company is $4.05 – $12.52. The average volume of this company is 25,643,504. A big step that the company has recently taken is that its Global Expansion has made the stocks a solid play. Therefore, the company stands strong when it comes to investing in its shares and there is a high probability that the shareholder will obtain good profits from his/her investments.


This company was previously known by the name Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp. and it changed to its present name in June 2018. Founded in 1987, the company has its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. It has low-priced stocks and this can be seen from its 52-week range which has varied from $0.4440 to $1.2600. The average volume of this company is 1,112,340. The stocks have a very low-price which serves as an attraction to the stock aspirants to buy more within a low budget. The investor can fairly benefit with the investments they make in this company.


This company was founded in 2013 with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. This company deals in the business of providing real-estates which includes the provision of growing and processing space and medical and recreational retail space to the companies which are licensed to grow marijuana. In a very short span of time, it has managed to come into the limelight. Its 52-week range is between $0.0116 and $0.3550 with an average volume of 307,599. Lately, the CEO of this company was honored when he featured on National Business Media for his expertise in the field of cannabis.

Pot stocks are becoming popular consistently but one should not rely completely on these because the prices of these stocks can rise and fall anytime with the legal implications. There could be many fake companies entering into pot penny stocks pool. Therefore, it is very important to stay aware while investing in penny pot stocks and make a wise decision to choose the most rewarding companies.

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