This company manufactures and supplies stainless steel products and electrical steel appliances. It distributes its products in the United States and internationally also. It was set-up in 1993 and since then has had a good-long journey. Its headquarters are located in West Chester Township, Butler County, Ohio, United States. It has a total of 8 steel plants and 2 tube manufacturing plants. Lately, it has consented to a new labor agreement at Zanesville Works, which is a company mainly dealing in the field of flat-rolled finishing facility for various steel products. The 52 Week range of this company lies between $1.6600 and $5.4000 with an average volume of 7,628,844. In any case, this company is worth investing because it is expanding each day.


Founded in 1951, this company has its headquarters located in Plano, Texas, the United States with its organization in Delaware. Denbury Resources linked to the petroleum industry. The stocks are priced at a low rate and this can be easily seen from its 52-week range which lies between $1.2400 and $6.7500. The average volume of the company is 13,117,087. A few days back, the company announced that its senior officials would attend the Energy Conferences. This could be a good boost for the company as it might get recognition at such big events. The way this company is intensifying, undoubtedly it can bring fair earnings to its shareholders.


This oil and natural gas company was set-up in 1989 by its founders Aubrey McClendon and Tom L. Ward with its headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. The company has a good financial system. It deals in all kinds of works such as acquirement, exploration, and development of its properties for the production of several kinds of oil and gas from their reservoirs in the United States. The value of its penny stocks has varied in the past 52 weeks whereby it ranges between $1.7100- $5.6000 and the average volume of this company is 43,414,207. Oil and gas industry is highly speculative; therefore short-term investments in this company can turn out to be excellent in terms of returns.

Well, a list can never end since there are various companies providing penny stocks. The low price of these stocks is the basic reason of attraction towards these.  This industry is highly speculative and unexpected things could happen. Low-profile and emerging companies have penny stocks and similarly, the buyers of these penny stocks are those persons who cannot afford to buy the shares of major stock exchange companies. Only risk takers can dive into this pool because all who invest, they think that they are going to win this gamble but this turns out to be truly profitable only in 10% cases. Hence, it is important to look for the stocks of such companies which have a solid financial background, have no fraud cases and other investors have profited from the investments made. A wise person can become wealthy by investing in the right penny stocks at the right time.

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