Top marijuana stocks (HEXO), (IIPR), (STZ)

Hemp is legalized in many parts of the United States and the full or partial acceptance of marijuana has led the related businesses to generate interest among the investors. This is an industry worth investing in and the list of top marijuana stocks are given below to get the most rewarding stocks of the upcoming times:

Origin House (HEXO): This is an investment firm that makes the kingship of the cannabis brands. It is one of the biggest legal marijuana marketers in the US. This stock could be watched out for several reasons, including the rolling out in its own brands in the year 2019. There is planning to shift the revenue mixing from distribution (presently 70%) and selling from its own brands (presently 30%) to 1:1 level this year.

Origin House is getting the growth in the California recreational marijuana market. The market went off slower than expected in 2018 but it is expected to grow in 2019 with the more dispensaries to be licensed in 2019. The company has taken appropriate steps to fend off the potential hostile after getting approached by several cannabis companies on the public level. The investors will keep their eyes open for the deal-making for the potential business.

Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR): IIPR is the first marijuana real estate company listed on NYSE and it is allowed for the prestigious listing by the company. It works in the acquisition of the cannabis properties and rents them out to the licensed producers and agriculturists of marijuana. This is not a penny stock but we’ve included it for the sake of the long-term investors having a scope to keep the stocks for a longer time and attain regular dividends.

The strength of IIPR is its clients giving payment for monthly rents and property management fees. The property they own is highly valuable for medical cannabis producers. You can get the best returns with this marijuana space giving the company and with the legalized recreational and medical marijuana, there will be a big list of prospective tenants growing for Innovative Industrial Properties.

Constellation Brands (STZ): It is an international producer and marketer of alcoholic beverages. Canopy Growth’s goal for the next year is to run $1 billion sales. The company has been delivering the best news for its career through its current sales price. The hold of the company’s medical marijuana stocks is over 30 percent and the recreational market sales could be above Canadian dollars 770 million in 2019. With the projections of the company, it is expected to grow to a higher level and the skyrocket prices would give an emerging opportunity in the United States. Marijuana legalization in the US will clear the way for better farming and more medical products manufactured with the respective growth of cannabis for different purposes.

Cannabis legalization is paving the new ways for the investors to look for stocks with a better scope. There is a game-changing deal between the governments and the companies and considering penny stocks in NYSE or NASDAQ for long-term investment could be beneficial.

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