Penny stocks to invest in (CPWY), (LKAI), (ZENYF), (GRNH)

Volatility is the major characteristic of penny stocks. There is, of course, a high speculative approach followed for the penny stock investments with regard to their typical history and courses. There is increased risk with these stocks due to the uncertainties sticking around the companies having less or no prior experience. There are many national or global occurrences having an impact on the stocks of a particular category or listing. Most of the penny stocks are risky and give you an ambiguous point of view for their investments.

Some of the penny stocks to invest in are illustrated below. The investors are suggested to look for them and give their own attention to the stock to know more about them.

  • Clean Energy Pathways (CPWY)

Clean Energy Pathways, Inc. is a company in the development stage and it works on the alternative and renewable solutions in the United States. It provides the products for business and non-profitable segments with product installation, replacement, and energy analysis services. The present stock price of CPWY is $0.029 and the company has better prospects of growth in its developmental phases. The stock could be considered for long-term success as the alternative energy sources are in trend.

  • LKA Gold Inc. (LKAI)

The present stock price of LKAI is $0.1050. The company is an exploration stage company working for the development of mineral properties in the US. The exploring of gold, silver, zinc, and lead is done with the three patented and 23 unpatented mining claims in CO, US. The company undertook new ventures in the previous year and is expected to grow with the new trends in the industry.

  • ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd. (ZENYF)

Zen Graphene Solutions Limited focuses on acquiring, exploring and developing the properties for precious and base metals in Canada. The company’s name was changed from Zenyatta Ventures Limited to ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd. in January 2019. The company is under the progress of taking the test work as a part of its developmental strategy. The early results have been promising and if successful, it would lead to the creation of the better revenue stream. The company’s stock is at $0.3781 value and is expected to grow in the coming phases.

The recent news of the test work carried out as a part of the developmental strategy of the market is anticipated to reduce the tailings disposal costs and create an additive revenue with the by-products. ZEN will also carry forward a test work for creating the high-strength and durable cement with reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

  • GreenGro Technologies, Inc. (GRNH)

GRNH has a stock price of $0.019 and the company works in the designing, manufacturing, and marketing of the eco-friendly vertical cultivation systems in the US. It even offers the table stands, flux lightening systems, tea brewers, nutrient mixtures and home units to its clients. The company works under GreenGro brand for its light marketing, fans, hoods, automated watering systems, and other products. The stocks are expected to grow to a level of $0.050 which is the 52-weeks high value of the stock.

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