Best penny stocks today (ARTX), (mCig), (MCEP), (TUES)

The people who wish to become wealthy by investing in new companies often lead to penny stocks as their way to growing larger. Many investors are willing to take chances and find out the best penny stocks today for getting the right response with their investments. It is feasible to earn huge profits from small investment capital and increase your income.

Here are the four best penny stocks today which can give you the astounding returns within less time. The investments could be risky but there could be positive gains monitored by keeping a check on the growing status of these companies:

  • ARTX (Arotech Corporation)

ARTX is listed on NASDAQ stock exchange and the company works on providing security and defense services. It has operations in several countries and has been accumulating the market capitalization for consistent business growth.

The stocks are speculative but the company indicates growth in the coming phases with the continuous growth trajectory. The 52-week high share price of the company is $4.15 and the company is coming up with manufacturing and designing of military and non-military products for ground and air vehicles.

  • MCIG (mCig)

The company is into marijuana segment and with the legalization of cannabis in several parts of the US and Canada, this company has a strong scope for the future. MCIG could become a top-shot in the penny stock industry as there has been a consistent growth in the market capitalization in the previous year. The stock has positioning in the OTCBB market and investors are looking for it as a speculative play for enjoying the rising profits and revenues. The present price of the company is below 25 cents per share and it has never traded over one dollar. Marijuana legalization would open a space for the stock to grow and widen its scope for the stockholders to increase revenues.

  • MCEP (Mid-Con Energy Partners)

MCEP has positioned in the NASDAQ stock exchange. It is an upstream oil and natural gas producer and has a great scope with the high oil prices. The company traded up to the $27/share value in 2013. The present price of the stock is about a dollar and the stock reached its upper level of $2.52 in the last 52-weeks. The stocks have a projection to grow as the company requires better market capital. MCEP stock will return to better levels with the oil trades over $100/barrel.

  • TUES (Tuesday Morning Corporation)

Tuesday Morning Corporation is under the category of the good retailing segment company. The company began in 1974 and is operating with 700+ stores in the United States. The stock is speculative but could be highly beneficial for the company to attain heightened market capitalization. The company has shuffled 58 stores in the last year which could lead to giving it better forecasts. The 52-week high price of the stocks is $4.10 and the present pricing on NASDAQ listing is $2.55 per stock. The month of February has got apprehension at the stock prices of TUES with strong projections.

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