TRDX Beats S&P 500 in Returns!

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US stock markets have been on fire this year. But there is one penny stock that has even beaten S&P 500 when it comes to returns, Trend Exploration, Inc (OTCMKTS: TRDX) has been firing on all cylinders this year and has given its investors a whopping return of 4,670.00% in the last one year!

Look at this stock’s impressive performance; 4,670.00% in one year. On a YTD basis, 4,670.00% gains. In the last 3 months, the stock has jumped 472.40%. In 1 month, it has rallied 211.09%, and in the last 5 days, this stock has gone up by 78.88%! The stock has been trading with an average volume of 7.59M. Going by the high volume and impressive price pattern, it seems that TRDX is gaining good traction among investors and traders alike. There has been a consistent growth in the stock this year, and investors have enjoyed huge returns for their investments from TRDX this year.

Not even the S&P 500 has given this much return to investors in the last year. Here is a comparison of how much TRDX has climbed compared to the S&P 500:

– In the last 4 weeks, TRDX gained 151.05%, while the S&P 500’s return on investment was 82.10%.

-In the last 12 weeks, TRDX went up 653.16%; S&P 500 gained 1,516.44%.

– YTD returns for TRDX are 4,670.00%, while S&P 500 gave 284.11% returns in the same period.

When the stock is showing such an asteroid-like speed, it could be another star performer for the next year.

The business of Trend Exploration, Inc is supplying products for medical, veterinary, and dental markets. The company was established in 1987 and functions out of Jericho, New York. It has a vast range of products including preventive dentistry products, dentures, endodontics, infection control products, orthodontics, anaesthetics, disposables, filling products, lab supplies, prophy products, surgical products, evacuation products, X-ray products, instruments, etc.

The company has a market capitalization of 11.152M. Its Beta (3Y Monthly) stands at 7.54 and the EPS (TTM)    is -1.6510. The company has not declared any earnings date or dividend. The stock price has made a 52 Week High of 0.0200 and its 52 Week Low has been 0.0002. The company has a Total Cash (mrq) at 9.46k and a Total Debt (mrq) at 75.26k. Its Enterprise Value is 6.34M.

Looking at the stock’s blazing performance this year, It is possible that this growth will continue in 2020 also. Now that the US Stock markets have started a new uptrend in the closing months of 2019, and the S&P 500 is climbing speedily, stocks that have been performing good in 2019 are also expected to climb to high gains in 2020. Among the profitable penny stocks, TRDX has a place of pride this year. Market watchers will definitely keep an eye on this stock for the next year too. in 2