MILV Gives more than a thousand percent return in a year!

Mistral Ventures, Inc. (OTCMKTS: MILV) is one penny stock that is taking a pause after giving more than a thousand percent returns in one year! This makes it a good investment choice at current levels, giving a chance to investors to buy this stock at low levels, and then wait for its rise in 2020 and get good returns again.

Looking at the performance of the stock, in the last 5 days and one month its price has remained unchanged. In the last three months, the stock has returned in 9.09% gains. On a YTD basis, and in the last one year, the MILV stock has given investors 1100.00 % returns.

The business of Mistral Ventures, Inc. is related to natural medicine formulas. The company is engaged in developing and acquiring intellectual rights to these formulas that are used for treating some specific medical conditions. These conditions include chronic breathing disorders, sinus problems, weight loss problems, cold and flu problems and kidney ailments. The company provides natural medicinal formulas for treating these ailments. Its formulas are natural, mineral-based, and derived from botanicals. The company’s products are sold in the United States as well as in other countries. Mistral Ventures was established in 2005 and has its headquarters in Cape Coral, Florida.

The company is still in the development stage. It is looking for opportunities to grow in the vitamin and supplement industry. Given the new awareness about natural medicines, vitamins, and supplements, the company has a long term growth potential.

It has a market cap of $22.13K and its Shares Outstanding are 9.62M. The company has a Public Float of 3.39M. Its shares traded with an average volume of 7.06M.

Here is a look at the company’s valuation numbers: Its Enterprise Value to EBITDA stands at -300.88. The company has a good ratio of Total Debt to Enterprise Value, which is at 0.92. Looking at the profitability and efficiency numbers of the company; it has registered a -2.48 Return on Assets. Its Return on Total Capital stands at -2.98. The company’s capital structure numbers are also interesting. It has a Total Debt to Total Capital of 853.06. And its Total Debt to Total Assets stands at 700.00.

While comparing it to the major index in US stock markets, S&P500; we can see that the MILV stock has given much better returns. In 52 weeks, the S&P500 gave a return of 15.09%; in comparison, the MILV stock has returned 1,100.00% in the same period.

The stock has made a 52 week high of 0.0042, and 52 week low of 0.0002. It has traded with Avg Vol (3 months) of 6.63M. Its Avg Vol (10 days) has been 6.35M. And it has a Share Outstanding of 51.12B. Usually, when stocks run high, there are pauses in between when profit booking stops the price from going upwards. Currently, the MILV stock is right at that stage, where previous investors are booking profits. This gives this stock a potential growth opportunity in 2020, and it will be one of those penny stocks that will remain on the radar of investors in the coming year.