IALS Sees Profit Booking after a Rally

InterActive Leisure Systems Inc. (OTCMKTS: IALS), which is now known as Qest Corporation, has been steadily increasing and has given excellent returns to its investors over the last year. In the last 5 days, the IALS stock has seen a decline on the basis of profit booking and provides a good opportunity for new investors to take a long position in the stock.

The IALS stock has seen a dip of -17.95% in the last 5 days. This is the only decline this stock has seen in the last year. That shows how much strength this stock has been witnessing, and buyers have been thronging to take a position in the stock. Except for the negative returns in the past 5 days, IALS has been giving positive returns over the year. In the last one month, it has gone up 175.86%. In the last three months, it has given a return of 220.00%. On a YTD basis, the stock has jumped 2,033.33%.

It has created a 52-week trading range between 0.0035 – 0.0869 and has a trading volume of 22,000. It has an Average Volume of 850,830. The company has a market cap of 355,779. It has a Beta (3Y Monthly) at -4.81.

The company’s P/E Ratio (without extraordinary items) is 40.00; its Price to Book Ratio 200.67. Its Return on Assets stands at 164.88.

Qest Corporation is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of different energy products. The company focuses on patented equipment and technologies used for engineering projects. The company also plans to provide alternative products for renewable energy such as; battery storage with zero CO2, carbon black, electricity co-generation, etc. The company’s name was changed to Qest Corporation in 2014. The original company was incorporated in 1999. It has headquarters in Englewood, CO. The company went through a turbulent phase in 2014 when its license was revoked. After that, for some time the company stayed inactive. But earlier in 2019, custodianship was finalized and the company saw a revival in the last few months. A privately-owned business has been showing interest in acquiring the company which is generating investors’ interest in its stock.

The revival of the company provides a good trading opportunity and long term investment opportunity for investors. Fresh business interest and expansion plans always boost a company’s stock price. The IALS stock is going through the same phase and looks poised for a successful return. Its profitable run in the last year has shown that the stock still has growth potential, and will be a good choice for the long term investment. The recent deep in the IALS stock price is an excellent opportunity for investors and traders to plan their investment strategies and look for buying this stock at a lower price. Any stock that has been rallying for a whole year, will be a fair catch when profit booking pushes the price slightly lower and will provide an excellent chance for long term investors to take positions in the stock.