DCGD Stock. Will it keep going up?

Discovery Gold Corporation (DCGD)

DCGD (Discovery Gold Corporation) has a market cap of $150 million which is a little shocking at first glance because its SEC filings show no cash . Although the statements show the company not having any significant operations, what is making investors excited that the company is working on a merger with another very successful company in the private sector. The primary operation of the old shell company was in the exploration of gold and developmental activities. DCGD was founded in 2010 and is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Investors believe that Justin Costello, the new CEO of the company, is a great businessman and will make DCGD one of the leaders cannabis industry. The Cannabis industry is very new and right now stocks move more on speculation than market fundamentals.

Some Are Skeptical

There have been some people who believe the merger is only temporarily driving the stock price up and these bearish traders are questioning the honesty and integrity of the management. The CEO acquired 56 percent of the company by giving the reverse-merging option to the banking investments company (GRN Holdings). Costello acquired 139M of the shares of the company for only $300K (~$0.001 per share). The Current price of the stock $1.28 a share which is a lot higher than the price paid by Costello on June 2019. The personal investments of the CEO is believed by some to be as much as $90M.

Investors are excited about the CEO’s background. Justin Costello is a Harvard Graduate. There is even some controversy behind that.

The 52-week range of DCGD is $0.0020 – $1.44. Despite the controversy behind the stock the stock price keeps going up.

What’s interesting about speculative stocks is that everyone talks and acts like they know what the share price will be. You have bears who believe the stock will fall back down and you have bulls who believe the stock will hit $100 a share. Both bulls and bears have their own interest at heart.

Besides just speculating whether DCGD will be the next big thing or if the company is an overhyped scam, the best thing to do is to watch trading volume and short interest. It can be very pricey to short a stock like DCGD. There have been market makers that have lost their jobs shorting a stock too early. There very well could be people on social media paid promote this stock and others paid to bash the stock. Pay attention to the chart. Pay attention to the SEC filings and any news. Make your own decisions.

Disclaimer: This article was originally written by Sumedha Rewar and since has been edited by Travis Garlick. Neither Travis Garlick or Sumedha own shares of DCGD. Neither has a short position. This article should not be considered financial advise, it was written for entertainment purposes only. Please consult your own investment advisor before purchasing shares of a security.

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  1. Amazing all the questions about the company. I would suggest if you are going to publically think out loud you could at least call up the guy running the company to confirm or not confirm what you are peddling. Are you a seasoned journalist or did you get a degree in journalism from NYU were they have a Yellow journalism department for potential tabloid gossip hacks like yourself

  2. What an idiot with absolutely zero knowledge about DCGD puts up an article like this?, how far fake news and fake writers like this one will go with this kind of worthless piece of writing?.

    The writer of this article has no knowledge, no data, no references and no understanding of a stock, that only means one thing, go to school and learn how to understand a stocks performance and why some stocks sky rocket with fundemantels or other parameters. So, get a life and this is nothing but a piece of rambling and a garbage!.

    DCGD is Rallying up and yes went up from .002 to 1.44, and this is nothing, the real rally has not even began. DCGD is a empty Shell but bought out and reverse merger is in progress to integrate this so called shell into a multi Billion dollar profitable financial firm, this alone is good enough, but the CEO is affiliated and doing business deals with numerous profitable, top of the line cannabis companies, this is simply put sky is the limit for the valuation and potentials of this this company, so learn some basics before thro’ your garbage to the world to see, and bring shame to you.

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