Yangtze River Port and Logistics Limited (Nasdaq: YRIV) having a roller coaster week

Yangtze River Port and Logistics Limited operates as a holding company with primary operations in real estate infrastructural development and logistics.

Company Overview

Yangtze River Port and Logistics Limited operates as a holding company with subsidiaries spanning real estate infrastructural development and logistics. Through its subsidiary, Wuhan Yangtze River Newport Logistics Co., Ltd (Wuhan Newport), it also has a port logistic center located in Wuhan, Hubei, Province of China.

It is listed on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “YRIV.”

Industry Background

Yangtze principally has its operations in the Real Estate industry. Its main competitors include Altisource Asset Management Corp. (NYSE: AAMC), American Realty Investors, Inc. (NYSE: ARL), and Armada Hoffler Properties, Inc. (NYSE: AHH).

Altisource Management Corp., has a market capitalisation of roughly $18 million. Incorporated in 1999, American Realty Investors is a full-service real estate firm with a market capitalisation of approximately $196 million.

Another full-service real estate firm, Armada Hoffler has over 40 years of experience in the business. It has a market capitalisation of about $1.2 billion.

Growth Strategy

Yangtze, being involved in real estate infrastructural development via port logistics supply chain centers, is heavily invested in commercial buildings. It has direct access to the Yangtze River, the Wuhan-Xinjiang-Europe Railway and also ground transportation.

Moreover, the company has been able to effectively leverage the power of IT as it has many storage, processing, and IT supporting centers for managing its operations.


So far this year, Yangtze has been having impressive growth. For example, it posted an earnings per share (EPS) of -15.70%, a very important fundamental detail to look for if you want to invest for the long term. The EPS has been growing from quarter to quarter at a rate of 18.20%

Last week, the company recorded over 35% gain in its share price. And so far, it has appreciated by at least 141.55% over its 52-week low. However, it has a long-term debt/equity ratio of 0.24 and a total debt/equity ratio of 0.67. These suggest that the company is taking on more debt in relation to its equity.


With Floating Shares of 28.21M, outstanding shares of 179.53M, and institutional ownership of 0.30%, the company has a market capitalisation of approximately $95 million, with a share price hovering around $0.87.


Yangtze River Port and Logistics Limited (YRIV) stock moved above 59.68% in contrast to its 20-day moving average, displaying a short-term positive movement of stock. It shifted 41.48% up its 50-day simple moving average. This is showing a medium-term bullish trend based on SMA 50.

Having moved below -76.34% from its 200-day simple moving average, the stock could possibly be on a long-term downward trend. However, the vital question a savvy investor should ask; isn’t it most likely oversold already? For this, based on its moving averages readings, we have an answer.

Yangtze’s 10-day exponential and simple moving averages of 0.7521 and 0.6616 are strongly suggestive of a buy. The stock has a 52-week range of $0.2960 to $12.440. And with the current price of $0.8500, the stock is cheap enough to be a bargain.

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